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Next Generation of Logistics & Transportation presented by NEC & GSF@Bangalore


Hello! Today, I would love to invite you to our brand new theme panel discussion event in Bangalore. This winter, NEC, Japan and GSF Accelerator are collaborating to bring together global leaders from Logistics and transportation sectors in Bangalore on 2nd of November. NEC is a Japanese multinational IT provider, and GSF is an India’s leading tech accelerator founded by serial entrepreneur Rajesh Sawhney. Our goal of this event is to explore current challenges of Logistics & Transportation Industry and find the new ways to create effective solutions. For this event, we gather TOP speakers from startup, corporate, investors. At this event, you can meet Logistics & Transportation sector’s top experts from startups/corporate and top investors in India.Of course, NEC and G...

Required Contact Details for Ahmedabad Event…


Please share me contact details for ahmedabad event, as i’ve registered for the same but till now i’ve not received confirmation for the same. Saurabh Desai Infosoft Technologies +91 8511176717

Why the HR summit speakers changed for 21 & 22nd July Event?

Hi Team, Why the HR summit speakers changed for 21 & 22nd July Event? Regards Partha

Date formats

Can we please have dates in dd-mm-yyyy format.

Reportage from the Valley, Day 3 – Campus Visits and Experiential Learning


A big hello to my readers who have been following these brief updates daily. Two solid days of sessions, and spent indoors, paved the way for campus visits to Apple, Google and Facebook. All these companies have attained cult-like status. Their annual revenues are greater than the GDPs of many countries and the sheer number of individuals that they impact, would put them a notch higher than several densely populated nations. Call it the binding force, the glue, stickiness factor or what you will, but perhaps it would not be too brazen to even challenge Karl Marx and his apt observation back then, about religion being the “opium of the masses.†Arguably, and after 150 years, it is technology that may have well replaced religion as the new binding force. Would it sound blasphemous, if I c...

Web Summit 2015: The 3-day Technology and Innovation Hotspot at Dublin

The web summit 2015, the three- day, 21 summit, 1000+ speakers technology mega conference in Dublin, Ireland started with great enthusiasm and dynamics from the attendees from all over the world. The annual networking event with world-class speakers and fascinating talks, workshops presents a great opportunity for all the attendees including me from Happiest Minds, to meet countless like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs at the bustling RDS venue, Dublin.  The event was declared open by Paddy Cosgrave, the co-founder of Web Summit and 42000 attendees across 130+ countries are expected here over the next 3 days.  This year also the Summit topic is centered on internet technology and the participants range from CEO’s and Founders of Fortune 500 companies to the world’s most exciting tec...