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The emergence of 5G technology in Indian landscape


By V. Padmanabhan, Vice President – Engineering and South Head, GlobalLogic With the emergence of ingenious technologies, our lives are evolving rapidly, making it more harmonious, creating new avenues and changing the socio-economic landscape of the world. One such technology – the fifth-generation cellular network technology or ‘5G’, is set to transform the world through manifold improvements in speed, latency, throughput and reliability. 5G combined with IoT & smart silicon will become a powerful edge, driving advanced AI/ML to its zenith and a data-driven enterprise workflow will lead this transformation across consumers and industries alike, delivering real-time and reliable cloud-based connected experiences. 5G as technology will propel true transformation to “as a service” busin...

Don’t Get Phished in the Rising Tide of Phishing


Phishing is one of the escalating and hard-to-detect threats for all Internet users as it does not seem malicious at first look. Over the last few months, it’s frequency and intensity has increased significantly. Researchers from Barracuda Networks reported that COVID-19 related phishing attacks have increased by 667% since the end of February 2020. The cybercriminals are leveraging the amplified focus on COVID-19 to deliver malware and scam victims out of money. They are also using the renowned brands to trick people and steal sensitive information like personal data and login credentials. As per the Q1 2020 Phishing Report from Check Point – Apple, Netflix, Yahoo, WhatsApp & PayPal are the top 5 mimicked brands for phishing attempts. This tremendous growth in phishing attempts ...

Why Does Every Business Require a Hybrid WAN and What are It’s Benefits!


What Is An Hybrid SD-WAN? A Hybrid WAN often operates in connection with the software-defined WAN and relies on the SD-WAN’s aptitude to disperse the traffic. A Hybrid WAN could even be converted into an SD-WAN by appending SD-WAN technology. A hybrid SD-WAN is often considered an enhancement because it enables a user to adopt strategies to control pathway configuration and selection. It further suggests that the branch office can be reconfigured more efficiently and swiftly. A hybrid SD-WAN additionally enables traffic to flawlessly move between the links with no loss of quality and with an enhanced application experience. Why Does Every Business Require a Hybrid WAN? A Hybrid WAN facilitates the common control of both private (MPLS) and internet circuits at all enterprise locations.  Wit...

Remote Working: Did You Forget the Culture Back in The Office?


With challenging situations like the CoVID-19, IT businesses today are facing unprecedented times, thus forcing numerous changes in the way they function. One of the most crucial aspects is that of the workforce –  a majority of which has had to work remotely. Over the last few months, when almost 99 percent of the workforce is connected from the safety of their homes,  the success of Business Continuity Plans across organizations through Remote Working has made decision-makers start thinking about adopting this new mode of execution as a strategic step to reduce cost and increase productivity.  Remote working today is ideally being seen as one of the biggest workplace revolutions in history. Remote work policies are radically changing the way we interact with each other, and organiz...

3 Key Points to consider while Employees are Returning to Workplaces


The past few months have been a great challenge for the commercial sectors. From small businesses to large industries, almost everyone has faced their fair share of obstacles in the path of stable productivity. Some have even faced a complete closure due to the lockdown caused by the hit of COVID-19 in our country. But, now as the lockdown is slowly and gradually opening, businesses and industries are trying to get to their old normal routine. But, one thing that every business must understand is that the definition of normals has changed and some ‘new normals’ have become the reality of today’s world. It is clear to everyone in different industries that the spreading of COVID-19 has not stopped yet and so we cannot get back to our old methods of production really soon. So, the only way to...

For business recovery, you need fire fighters kind of profile and sharp transition experts. Thinking Series 2

This is a continuing article from my previous article,  related to business undergoing recession and need to recover from recession within a year. Your organization need Sharp Transition Experts for business recovery, disaster management and save the resources in short time. How to find right talent within your organization? Is your leadership team ready to be firefighters? Team should deal with operations separately from strategy. How to find resources who will plan, directs and act? Not advisory alone. Some sample steps what he or she will do : Assess the business environment, internal and external Assess the current key metrics with key goals Prepare recovery plan based on milestones Asses the job skills, job profile, and required competence to make recovery Asses the ability of resourc...

Remote SOC: A Challenge for Security Professionals


As the COVID-19 outbreak has strained the global workforce to stay home, most of the organizations have established work from home policies to maintain business continuity and productivity. This immediate shift has raised challenges for the security operations team to stay connected and overcome the possible risks in this critical time. Since personal devices and networks are more prone to cyber-attacks, the global pandemic is giving C-Level executives as well as SOC managers sleepless nights. CERT-In, in its latest advisory, notified that there has been a substantial rise in the number of cyberattacks on personal computers, routers and networks as most of the security professionals are working from home. When it comes to the security operations center (SOC), it is important to discover ho...

Learn the “new normal” of Stock Market in the COVID-19 crisis


With the rising cases of COVID-19 around the world, concerns are turning into fear among the hearts of the people. The industrial sectors and service-based companies have taken a great hit from this pandemic. Among all such industries, the influence of COVID-19 can be seen greatly in the stock market. The COVID-19 has created a turmoiled situation for the stock market. You may have heard or seen how the trade, stock, etc. are getting extremely low. These fluctuations are affecting our country’s economic stability badly as the stock market plays a crucial role in the economy. So, it is highly important that the stock market must go on without getting any disruptions. But, how to achieve such goals in this time of crisis? Well, that is where the new normals come into play. Making a few chang...

How the new normal can help the logistics industry to keep running in COVID-19?


The world is in an alarming state right now. We cannot continue doing our things in a way that is considered normal a few months ago, i.e. before the worldwide hit of pandemic COVID-19. So, a new concept of normalization has been accepted around the around in various sectors, and the industrial zones are not an exception. Like any other domain, the logistics industry has accepted this new normal in their way of business. This is vital and may be the only step to surviving in today’s crisis. So, what are these new normals we are talking about in the logistics industry? Do you have any idea? Well, if you cannot find the answer, there is no need to put stress on the brain. That is why I am here to discuss the new normals in this blog. The normalization of the logistics industry simply means m...

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