Executive Summary

Quarter that was at NASSCOM CoE DSAI


With successful launches, new collaborations and events, the CoE DS&AI witnessed a busy quarter.  AsterQuanta, one of the CoE DS&AI incubated startups, received funding approval of £100,000 from the Foreign Commonwealth Office of United Kingdom Government.  It was the only Indian startup to win this approval and one of the eight applicants who were selected from a hundreds who applied. This quarter also saw Government of Telangana launch T-AIM (Telangana AI Mission) in partnership with NASSCOM with the first Governing Council meet convened. Attended by senior leaders across Government, Industry, Academia and Not-for-profit, the launch of T-AIM is another feather in NASSCOM’s cap. It has been a quarter of collaborations, as we choose to term it, wherein CoE DS&AI colla...