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AsterQuanta – Made in India, for the world!


AsterQuanta receives funding approval of £100,000 from the Foreign Commonwealth Office of United Kingdom Government AsterQuanta, incubated at CoE DS&AI, received this approval under the UK government’s “Global Innovation Fund” initiative.  Out of hundreds of applications received globally AsterQuanta made it to final eight and was the only Indian Startup to receive this approval. This approval will help AsterQuanta to expand in other Commonwealth countries. Commenting on this achievement Pradeep Pydah, Founder of AsterQuanta said “CoE DSAI has been instrumental in opening a variety of connections that turned out to be game-changers for AsterQuanta. This relationship with NASSCOM has definitely been a catalyst of our growth”. AsterQuanta’s suite of AI solutions provides dynamic insights...

Making the Most Out of DevOps and Agile


Today IT Organizations need an elastic IT infrastructure to meet the demanding customer needs. DevOps and Agile offers the much-needed panacea. Delivery methodologies like Agile and DevOps are transforming the software development landscape as enterprises become more customer centric. DevOps brings operations and development teams together for greater productivity. What it means is that the blending together of Dev and Ops teams make for fast-paced development of production-ready code, with operations like testing, deployment, and management to prevent backlogs.  DevOps stresses on effective collaboration and communication between the multiple stakeholders thereby creating a culture that enables optimized release cycles of high-quality and thoroughly tested end-products.  Meanwhile, all Ag...