How RPA Can Benefit Your Business ?


RPA or Robotic Process Automation Technology is an innovative technology used to automate the business process by using bots, otherwise known as software robots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It allows computer software or bots to gather data and interpret them. They use it to manipulate the data, transact, trigger necessary response, and communicate with various other systems. RPA is a technology used to perform various tasks across the business applications in the same manner as humans. It is mainly designed to reduce redundancy and avoid handing off simple tasks to human employees. Various Benefits of RPA Many organizations are implementing RPA in order to automate their business processes and reduce human labor. The implementation of RPA has benefitted the organizations in numerous...

Low Code No Code: Automating Microservice Development in 2020


The Microservice Architecture (MSA) is very much in line with the theme of our times i.e. – Autonomy, flexibility and Minimal redundancy. Organizations are now encouraging Low Code No Code Microservices to build applications quickly, efficiently and unrestricted. Moreover, the reusability factor offered by MSA is a huge help for developers to focus more on creativity and originality rather than tiring repetition. Talking about the year 2020 in particular, there is one more highly demanded attribute that the enterprises want to catch hold of – Automation. Leading the market needs originality, originality needs time, and time is limited. Automation saves time that can be tapped for innovation. So, why not bring automation and microservices architecture together? The MS LCNC platf...

How AR/VR are changing the various Industrial Sectors?


The Evolution of Technology is a never-ending process. This constant evolution of technology has carved a way for modern science to explore a new field called AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). With the augmented reality and virtual reality, it is like science fiction has come to life. A constant technological effort has made this possible. In this technology, all the data is collected from the physical world around us so that the final result seems real and not some 3D generated hologram. It can be some street or some machinery or simply can be your very own room that you are seeing through the augmented reality. But, you must be thinking that how this game like technology is changing the industrial sector, right? Well, to understand that you have to know what are these tech...

What are benefits of Robotic Process Automation? Is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Platform secure and auditable?


  What are benefits of  Robotic Process Automation? Is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Platform secure and auditable?  

How Robotic Process Automation helping Digital Age


Digital has brought in so many technological advances to this age and one of them is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).   A simple definition of RPA is, automation of business processes across the enterprise using software robots. Any repetitive task which requires some decision making is an ideal candidate for RPA. Automation has become an integral part of Digital Transformation. Implementing these software robots to perform routine business processes and eliminate inefficiencies is the key for business leaders.   Today’s organizations often need to execute millions of repetitive and time-intensive business processes each day. Using RPA they can automate administrative functions such as customer address changes, registrations and other high-volume tasks and transactions. This helps avoids ...

RPA – Now, Not in the Future


When people think about Robotic Process Automation (RPA), they believe that it is a technology that we may use or come across in the future. I attended a very informative session on RPA conducted by Nasscom GIC Forum at Hyderabad this week which destroyed this myth. The main speaker was Ankur Kothari, Co-founder of Silicon valley based Automation Anywhere which is a 13 year old company and a leader in RPA solutions. There was a panel discussion too –Sapna Grover of Pega Systems and Subba Perepa of JP Morgan Chase were among the panelists. Most of the white-collar day to day tasks involve three kinds of activities – Do, Think (Cognitive) and Analyze.  Routine daily tasks in the ‘Do’ category contribute to over 90% of regular and repetitive work. RPA is best suited for automation of su...

Here is how RPA can offer up to 40 per cent cost savings for F&A Services


My previous blog highlighted key findings from our recent research study on RPA, including RPA as a concept, and related key business trends. This blog focuses on how RPA makes financial sense from an F&A perspective- Case Study background– An organization with annual revenues of USD 10 Billion has been considered. Typical size of the F&A functions for such an organization are estimated at 750 FTEs. All F&A FTEs have been appropriately distributed among different processes as highlighted below- Assumptions in place– The organization has already leveraged cost reduction due to offshoring/outsourcing– All F&A processes have been outsourced/offshored to the maximum extent possible Cost reduction due to offshoring/outsourcing only includes the labor arbitrage ...

Reinventing the Indian IT-BPM Industry in the age of robotics and automation


  Today, automation and robotics are presenting the Indian IT-BPM industry with a tremendous opportunity—to lay a strong foundation for future competitiveness while creating exciting journeys for their workforce. Indian IT-BPM companies are under increasing pressure to help global clients simultaneously solve both efficiency and new growth challenges. Historically adept at addressing efficiency challenges, Indian firms now need to mobilize and deliver on clients’ new growth priorities. Automation and robotics provide a powerful opportunity for Indian companies to systematically free their resources from mundane tasks and channel them into building new offerings. As a result, these companies will be positioned to offer more engaging prospects to engineers, analysts, coders and other em...

Re: RPA – is this a buzzword or real

  This is an excellent summary of the RPA world ​. Total agree that Automation has got immense value potential. While the adoption is reaching its tipping point, in future, RPA is likely to become fully integrated into the operating models, just as outsourcing/offshoring has become in the last 10-15 years. You can read my detailed perspectives on this topic and my whitepaper on operating models for Automation and Cognitive solution adoption at