Let us move together


I was working in a PSU as AGM(Finance and ERP System) … after my retirement I have started one Startup/MSME IT company in Sept 2017. With my 30 years experience in Industries and having SAP/ERP expertise I started this organisation. There are lot of opportunities in various domain of IT but requires knowledge in diversities with good team work. Keeping in mind all these and to contribute our long experience and expertise, I have started to build up one team of people having experience and expertise in various IT field and welcome to come together with a view to exploring our opportunities not only in terms of money but also in terms of our potential and engagement. If we could bring & create some young infusion in our approach, will be great in our approach. Please share your vie...

Re: Need Of DevOps In Serverless


Serverless is commonly used in conjunction with terms such as architecture, computer, and services. In brief, serverless architecture refers to the solution architecture of software applications built using fully managed third-party services (serverless services) as core dependencies. At its core, serverless computing provides runtimes to execute code, which is also known as function as a service (FaaS) platforms. DevOps is a collection of practices and tools that increase the ability to deliver (build, test and deploy) applications and services more efficiently. DevOps requires more automation and eliminating overhead in setting up the infrastructure as well as in the build and deployment of code. DevOps does not only affect the technology; DevOps is also targeted at people and team struc...

Need Of DevOps In Serverless


Serverless, like Kubernetes and microservices, is a new technology. Yet, despite the amount of blog, forum and news-related posts published about serverless, it represents only a fraction of all IT deployments. Aside from the new factor, serverless shares few similarities with Kubernetes and microservices. Organizations turn to Kubernetes and microservices platforms to add more agility and, in many cases, computing power to their IT operations. Serverless deployments, meanwhile, are seen mainly as a way to save resources by relegating server management to third parties. Ultimately, cost savings is the main benefit. A successful migration largely hinges on DevOps, especially at the early adoption stage. “There are ways to use serverless while delivering a very rich customer experience. It i...

Re: NASSCOM Research Agenda – need inputs


Data mining is also good concept in block chain.

NASSCOM Member Mail – February 2017


  Dear Colleagues, Hope you are doing well. The month of February though the shortest, but for us, it has always been one of very high activity. To top it all this year we had the budget as well, which kept us glued for quite a while. It is always interesting to do a post mortem after the fine print gets interpreted, and in this edition of the mailer we have included our comments and takeaways. February, was also the month of NILF, our flagship event. This year was a momentous occasion, being the twenty-fifth edition, and we were all most excited about it. Two-and-a-half decades is a very long time for our industry, and for a summit of this magnitude to have grown alongside, is indeed a matter of pride. Given the occasion, the excitement was at an altogether different level this year,...

NASSCOM Research Agenda – need inputs


A big hello to the technology community. As part of ‘NASSCOM Research and Thought Leadership’ team, we would like to extend our thanks for your continued interest and participation in our reports. Each year, we strive harder to present reports which reflect newer technologies, market developments, industry trends, and best practices. Your inputs will help us better understand the industry requirements to deliver high quality reports that provide strategic direction, advisory, and competitive advantage to the tech industry in India. Given below are the some indicative categories. Do let us know the specific topics under each category for us to work on. IT Services Business Process Management (BPM) Global In-house Centres (GICs) Engineering Research & Design (ER&D) Software Products ...

Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure


Cyber Security for critical infrastructure is an important area. ISA99 standard provides guidance on this . I was told by a practitioner recently that Indian Power Companies are regularly facing attacks from China. The India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) in partnership with National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) is organizing a Hackathon around this theme in January. Wondering if anyone is participating.

Artificial intelligence for website and content optimization


Now, that’s new. We have all used Optimizely or Crazyeggs etc. But all that these tools do is provide data and graphs for you to base your decisions on. Now, there is something called Evolutionary Algorithms. Evolutionary algorithms (EAs), a class of AI techniques, are uniquely suited for these kinds of problems. Inspired by principles of survival of the fittest, EAs generate a population of candidate solutions — in this case, configurations for online content — then measure their performance and move on to building new candidates based on the more successful candidates already measured. In other words, you give a program messaging ideas, image options, page layouts and more, and the EA mutates, combines and evolves to find the best configuration for success on a particular site. Who...

Re: Nasscom eMarketplace Portal

This is a free service for Nasscom members and should be useful for all members to get inquiries from validated sources worldwide. A lot of effort went to making this happen last year and a good part of this year. Whats unique is that it has the ability for providers to specify the competencies so that when a project is posted, the right Nasscom members are shortlisted automatically – making it easy for project originators to find the right Nasscom member to get the service. A number of members have already signed up and are getting the benefits of getting leads as well as tenders. The beta program ran for some time and so the initial glitches have been cleared. To  me this is an initiative that is here to stay and improve, and could be a game changer for the Indian Software Services...

Nasscom eMarketplace Portal


NASSCOM has launched an eMarketplace Portal meant to connect project originators from anywhere in the world, to Nasscom SME members who are capable of providing the solution. While there are many sites which source projects for free lancers, there are few sites that matches software project buyers and providers.  NASSCOM eMarketplace has the unique capability of matching the competency of providers with what the project requires. Based on the competency match, the shortlist is made and providers are intimated. Both the project originator (buyer) and the provider are given access to a portal to manage enquiries. If you are a NASSCOM SME member do register immediately at If you source software projects, you can register and post projects directly on the page....

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