NASSCOM Riding the Storm – Towards the Giant India SaaS Opportunity


  “NASSCOM Riding the Storm – Towards the Giant India SaaS Opportunity” underlines the opportunity and whitespaces for the growing Indian SaaS industry. For the first time ever, key stakeholders in the Indian SaaS ecosystem have collaborated to create this research study. The report also highlights how India can become the global hub for SaaS and can tap the huge addressable opportunity by strengthening it ecosystem.   Key Highlights SaaS: The Fastest Growing Software Segment In The World·         The Americas are the highest SaaS adopters accounting for ~60% of the market.·         The top 5 players account for 51% of market revenues in 2019·         BFSI...

NASSCOM Start-up Pulse Survey – Q1 2020: Reviving the Indian Tech Start-up Engine During COVID 19


“NASSCOM Start-up Pulse Survey – Q1 2020: Reviving the Indian Tech Start-up Engine During COVID 19” underlines the perspective of Indian entrepreneurs towards the impact of COVID-19 on them. The survey analyses the effect of COVID-19 and its impact on tech start-ups. Of the survey respondents over 60% of them are bootstrapped and majority of them constitute early and mid-stage start-ups with revenue less than INR 1 crore . The report also highlights key opportunities areas where tech start-ups are pivoting towards and provide recommendations to support the tech start-up ecosystem. Key Highlights Impact of COVID-19 on Tech Start-ups: COVID-19 is the biggest challenge that India’s nascent tech start-up ecosystem has faced 30-40% tech start-ups have temporarily halted their operations or are ...

Start-up Catalysts – Incubators & Accelerators


Overview NASSCOM‘s “Start-up Catalysts – Incubators & Accelerators” report underlines the current scenario and growth of incubator and accelerator ecosystem in India. It covers various programs hosted by variety of operators and their key highlights. The study has analysed various key performance indicators for all programs to find their focus areas. It also provides key recommendations for all stakeholders to achieve specific targets by 2025. Key Highlights Current Scenario With 520+ tech incubators and accelerators, India has the 3rd largest number of active programs in the world 42% of the programs have been set-up in just last five years to support the needs of Indian start-ups Academic and Public Programs: 100+ academic programs incepted in last 5 years primarily driven by central...

Indian Tech Start-up Ecosystem: Leading Tech in the 20s


NASSCOM’s report on “Indian Tech Start-up Ecosystem: Leading Tech in the 20s” underlines how Indian start-up ecosystem continues to expand and various elements of the ecosystem are coming together in symphony to give rise to an orchestra of innovation – right from Government support (State and Central), evolution of the investor landscape, increase in participation from the corporates, growth of national digital infrastructure, to incredible global exposure. Key Highlights Ecosystem Growth Overall start-up base in the country expected to cross 9300 in 2019 – a consistent annual growth of 12-15% Investment in start-ups were steady with USD 4.4Bn in Jan to Sep 2019 across 450 start-ups at a 5% y-o-y growth. Growth Enablers Fintech, enterprise, and retail tech are the most mature sectors with...

Co-Innovation: Enterprise Start-up Collaboration


Overview:  NASSCOM’s “Co-Innovation: Enterprise Start-up Collaboration” underlines how Enterprises and Start-ups work together to solve the industry issues and create new products and services. The report covers different aspects of collaboration like collaboration types, bottlenecks, technology focus areas, kind of support, etc. The report is a result of in-depth interviews with over 30 Enterprises and Start-ups to develop a deep understanding of the collaboration landscape. Key Highlights Collaborative Landscape • 100% of surveyed enterprises collaborate with start-ups to create disruptive solutions and fuel innovation • 7 out of 10 Enterprises feel that ‘Ways of Doing business in Start-ups and Enterprises’ is a major collaboration challenge • 20 Enterprises collaborated with 5-20 start-...