Top Promising Blockchain Use Cases

In the upcoming fiscal years, Blockchain is going to be a big demand. That is the reason the demand for learning Blockchain technology has increased among freshers and tech enthusiasts. To become a blockchain developer students are preferring Blockchain certification courses these days. There are various use cases in Blockchain which proves why learning blockchain is a must. Here is a few blockchain used case which is used for enterprises and governments: Banking and Finance Digital Identity Energy and Sustainability Government and the Public Sector Healthcare and the Life Sciences International Trade and Commodities Law Media and Entertainment Real Estate Sports and Esports Supply Chain Few Potential Blockchain use cases are as follows, Proof of Existence : Demonstrating data ownership wi...

Blockchain: A Technology Fad That’s Fading Away!

Despite the hype around Blockchain in the past few years, a 2018 Gartner survey indicates Blockchain adoption rates are still as low as 1%. Within that 1%, the doubt is how operationally effective and efficient it is. This blog also explores the inherent risks with Blockchain and therefore why Blockchain may not be the magic cure as it is made out to be!  Blockchain is surely a fantastic technology as it has already been proven by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has been a trend since the Bitcoin prices soared suddenly in 2017, to reach an all-time high of $19,783 the same year.1 Ever since, Blockchain, which is the underlying technology of crypto has been the talk of the town. Various large global financial institutions were quick to analyze and explore various possibilities o...

Benefit From Implementing Blockchain In Public Systems

The emergence of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has become a catalyst for interest in the structure of special data chains – the blockchain. The technology has gained a second wind and continues to develop rapidly now. Of course, blockchains have not only positive features. Shortcomings are also characteristic of similar structures. But today, the advantages of blockchains are more interesting, both in general perception and with specific subjective approaches. They will be discussed further. A concrete example is decentralization. Closed structures are already being formed. Additionally, it is possible to create a group uniting more than 50% of users, which will allow them to change the rules within the system. Subjective opinions on the benefits of blockchain A useful approach ...

Blockchain – Exhilaration, Aberration and Revolution

Research around the globe and charter of various consortiums formed in last few years have helped blockchain technology attain maturity and mettle to meet industry expectations. Devices compatible with blockchain, micropayments, stable coins, advanced protocols enabling interoperability, high scalability and amalgamation with AI and IOT will pave way to revolutionize industry in near future. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. After years of hype, curiosity, realism, reality-check and pragmatic-changes based on research and industry feedback, big leap of blockchain into the future will see the day of light soon. I can see it coming. Do you? Please read complete article and share your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

How Blockchain Can Be A Huge Complementary Tool To IoT

Blockchain and IoT collaboration is need of the hour. IoT needs Blockchain and in the same note Blockchain is on a cusp to tap opportunity that IoT represents. With emergence of solutions around scalability and interoperability, world will witness huge influx of their integration on the horizon. Together they will create an expedient world around us. Please read my article and share your thoughts. Thanks.

Secured Method of Waltonchain to Handle the Blockchain

Charles Walton is the person who invented the RFID technology. This technology uses electromagnetic fields that will automatically identify and track the tags that are attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored data. This is used to identify, find the location and tracking the objects, and human beings using radio frequency signals. By focusing on this strategy, Walton chain where Walton refers to Wisdom Alters Label, Trade Organization, and Network has used a sustainable business in the supply chain field. By his research, the project on the Walton coin (WTC), the proprietary cryptocurrency coin of the Waltonchain blockchain was established. Walton coin (WTC) Cryptocurrency Description The data’s below which I have provided as measurable are picked from the link. The Walt...

You might feed up That Why Do Industry Are Talking about Blockchain?

The potential of the blockchain is going to transform in many industries such as healthcare, logistics, and supply chain, insurance, financial and much more. And most of the famous companies were started to join the family of blockchains such as Samsung, IBM, Google, etc. The market of cryptocurrency is gonna hit the transaction value. It follows incentive models to maintain the network in control. A traditional database is getting old to maintain the data with a wide variety of features. It may have pros but as the future is dependent upon the time, thus the blockchain gets hype into the market. Blockchain is a type of block that is used to distribute the cryptocurrency under a network, where cryptocurrency is said to be a digital currency. Simplicity with Its Control When you compare the...

Deal between Data Science and Blockchain

We all need Data, but, we have Responsibility that ensures Data Security and Data accuracy. Especially it explains the Deal between Data Science and Blockchain.

Could InsureTech look at Crypto Currency as a premium payment alternative?

If blockchain is an umbrella, cryptocurrency is only one of the spokes of that umbrella. The blockchain truly has shaped up into one of the biggest technological disruptions of the decade. A digitized, distributed and secure ledger that guarantees immutable, transparent transactions, it gives both parties involved a proper breakdown for each transaction, thus ensuring credibility throughout the entire process. The most popular implementation of the blockchain are cryptocurrencies, the most well-known of these cryptocurrencies being the Bitcoin. A few problems relating to cryptocurrencies have been brought to light recently, like slow performance and processing of the public blockchain, excessive price volatility, energy consumption while mining and scams involving fraudulent ICOs (Initial ...

Blockchain Technology Pushing the Barrier for Distributed Energy Generation in Oil and Gas

Of late, one technology that is set to transform the oil and gas sector is inevitably “Blockchain”, and the blockchain revolution is starting right here and right now.  The big task ahead for the oil and gas sector is how swiftly and successfully it can move to take advantage of the many foreseen opportunities that blockchain will bring.  For oil and gas value chain, data has gone from an asset to an unutilized overstock.  Operators and end users are diving down in data and urgently need a way to control and authenticate resourceful information.  Blockchain has tremendous potential to reduce the risk of fraud, error, and invalid transactions in energy trading, make financial transactions more efficient, facilitate regulatory reporting requirements, and enable interoperability as claimed an...

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