COVID 19 – Tracker of Economic Stimulus packages announced by various Governments around the world

Different countries have announced respective Economic stimulus packages to revive businesses that have slowed down due to the COVID19 pandemic. In order to bring together relevant schemes & announcements at one place, NASSCOM has collated the enclosed tracker spanning across schemes for Employment support, Loans, Taxes, Tenancy, Cash grants etc. across 12 countries including our largest markets US, UK  and other important markets like Germany, France, Japan among others.


The schemes are getting updated by the Governments as the circumstances evolve. We, therefore, suggest visiting the corresponding weblink populated against each scheme in the tracker. The purpose of the tracker is to provide a broad guidance and as a next step schemes need to comprehend with granularity.


To hand-hold companies, NASSCOM will be organizing exclusive webinars to decipher these schemes in greater details. Please write back to us in case you are interested to participate in these webinars and let us know if you want us to include more countries in the tracker. Share your comment / feedback on



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