NASSCOM-Zinnov-Resiliency of the Indian ER&D Ecosystem during COVID-19 – May 2020


This research assesses the impact of COVID-19 on enterprises globally and highlights the resiliency of the Indian ER&D ecosystem to ensure continuity of operations for its customers during the crisis. It highlights the key steps taken by ER&D firms to manage internal operations to ensure continuity of business. It also showcases examples of how these companies helped their customers keep this business running without affecting productivity. There are 11 case studies: Cyient, HCL, Infosys, KPIT, L&T TS, Onward Technologies, QuEST Global, Sasken, Tata Technologies, Tech Mahindra and Wipro.

Strategies for managing businesses in the COVID19 crisis explains Ram Mohan, President, CEO- IMSS

Mr. Ram Mohan- President, CEO- IMSS talks about the restrictive business environment due to COVID 19 pandemic and provides some tips on how to find a mechanism to survive this storm and plan for growth. Follow us on Happiest Minds Technologies Youtube channel:

Impact Of COVID-19 On Industrial Manufacturers


From late March through the middle of April of 2020, ARC Advisory Group, in conjunction with, conducted a web survey to gain insights into how industrial manufacturers are being impacted by COVID-19 and how they are responding to this global pandemic.  This report summarizes the results of the survey and subsequent interviews. Clearly, no company is immune to the impacts or has had to deal with so much uncertainty at one time.   As we learned, manufacturers’  responses to the pandemic have been varied.  For example, while some manufacturers are decreasing production and furloughing workers, others are increasing, shifting, or relocating production to meet demand.  Procter & Gamble, 3M, Georgia-Pacific, BASF, ExxonMobil, Tesla, Ford, GM, ArcelorMittal, and Air Products ar...

A Small Business Guide to Surviving a Pandemic


History is a brim of evidence on how pandemics in the past have hampered businesses around the world. A crisis that rarely occurs, it is generally the small and medium scale businesses that suffer the worst effects whenever a global pandemic arises. Take an example of the Coronavirus for instance. As the world battles the outbreak of COVID-19, small scale businesses have been the hardest hit so far. In fact, local ventures providing travel and manufacturing services are staring at a turbulent time ahead. Here’s a little survey to show how small scale businesses have been impacted due to the ongoing pandemic today. Now here’s a thing, while for small businesses to survive a pandemic calls for agile planning and implementation, the points discussed below can certainly assist owne...

Enabling Manufacturing using IOTA – A possible approach post Covid-19 paradigm


Internet of Things is no more a technological breakthrough. Industrial applications have been faster in adoption of IoT and it has been playing a significant role for businesses that requires internal tracking, attaining near to zero error with less manual intervention, enabling machine to machine talking along with prognostic maintenance. RFID chips and other sensors are much cheaper in terms of cost and easier to manufacture than most of the sizeable and lumbering consumer electronics. The future of IoT will continue in these lines, especially post COVID with lot of manufacturing concerns embracing automation at a massive scale gradually shaping the smart industrial applications concept. However, the block-chain of IoT also calls for distributed and secure exchange of data captured throu...

AI combating COVID-19


source:- No one would have believed, that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) which emanated from the myths, stories, and rumours being bestowed with intelligence and consciousness, would help the human species combat the deadly virus “COVID-19”. The root of the AI can be traced back to the 1940s, with the advent of programmable digital computers. In these tough times, AI is being the right hand for humans not only in the identification of  COVID-19 but also in precautions. From the hospitality industry to the export industry. “In the fight against COVID-19, AI offers an important arsenal of weapons,” said Erick Brethenoux, research vice president at Gartner. Impact of COVID-19 on th...

COVID 19: A Marketers Perspective to change


The Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a global threat, impacting millions globally. Global economic realities are significantly impacting every industry. In this unprecedented new reality, the massive changes in customer buying behaviour and change in outlook have put a significant onus on the Chief Growth Officers and the Marketing leaders. In a recent research published by Newscred 56 % of the CMO’s identified “Managing Shifting Priorities” as their biggest challenge. As organizations, adapt to this new normal and prioritize their goals for 2020. Marketers are struggling with entirely new challenges: What should be our message to the customers Where should we spend our marketing budgets Should we cut down spending or should we spend more A study by Conducter shows that more than 65% of m...

Digital Identity post Covid-19 pandemic


Biometrics have caught keen attention due to cyber threats and data privacy concerns. For a post-coronavirus world, Biometric authentication will become a promising solution for verifying identities at a distance and without much human intervention. Biometric verification using Face, Fingerprints, Iris and so will see emerging innovations to face the aftermath effect of coronavirus pandemic. At this point in time, developed countries like China have already brought more innovation in identifying the infected patients at ease and contain the virus at a faster pace. For example, China uses facial recognition software to identify and diagnose potentially infected patients on smart healthcare buses. How Biometrics pave way for Contactless Technology: Several countries try and employ contactles...

Let’s prepare, not panic- what small businesses can do to survive the COVID-19 crisis.


Starting from checking your Fund reserves to brainstorming with your team, here are few practical measures you can Perform to manage, this rapidly evolving Covid-19 Crisis situation. These guidelines will help you to overcome your front lines of the impact. Current Financial Health Check – It’s very essential to make informed decisions about your business based on your current financial or balance sheet. Check Possible Business Impacts – The impacts on business will likely be most significant in the following area: reduction in sales, staff availability, supply chain challenges & low cash reserves. Rework your Budgets – Whatever assumptions you may have used to Plan your budget are most likely no longer relevant. So, take the list of possible impacts of COVID-19 you h...

Going through a job crisis? Your perfect guide of the Do’s and Don’ts to emerge out of it!


If you’re reading this, I am guessing you are probably someone who has lost a job or an internship program? Or maybe you know someone who did? Or even if you’re the person who had to let go of your talent in times of crisis, that is okay too. You all are in the right place.  Right now, the world economy is suffering from an unprecedented collapse. Never in our scariest thoughts did we imagine the future of work to be this uncertain. In the third quarter of the current fiscal, according to the FICCI report, the economy grew at a six-year low rate of 4.7%. The demand-supply equation of our current workforce is imbalanced. Travel and tourism, hospitality, aviation, and retail are amongst various other sectors which have undergone a major dip in its demand. It has increased its volatility in t...