Remote work + Return to work = Total Workplace Ecosystem

COVID19 is a once in a lifetime event, accentuated by both- scale and speed of impact. More than 4 billion people went on lockdown. Economies came to a halt overnight. Businesses closed down. People lost jobs.

But new opportunities emerged too. People learnt to work and deliver value in a new way.

The human spirit stood tall.

Coronavirus has also made us realise that employees can be productive from anywhere-

  1. Remote working
  • The people who worked remotely were seen equally engaged and also indicated a great workforce experience overall.
  • Individual focus has remained strong, while working from home, employees continue to perform well when they need to be productive on individual tasks
  1. Increase in choice of work from anywhere has been seen:
    • Most of the employees today want flexibility. They want that their company should embrace some level of working from home.
    • Surveys indicate that while working remotely, 90 percent of employees feel that they are trusted by their companies.
  1. Workplaces to stay relevant
    • Irrespective of the current drive towards work from home, we believe office workplaces are still better suited to many types of work.
    • Key to organizational strategy will be to offer choice
  1. Total Workplace Ecosystem will be the new normal now :
    • We will see variety of locations where workplace will no longer be a single location but an ecosystem of different locations and experiences to support convenience, functionality and well-being.
    • The office is not going anywhere but its working will be changed.
    • NASSCOM terms this the blended way of work, where working from anywhere, whether home, office or shared workplaces will be enabled through technology seamlessly.

When we talk about returning there are few questions which comes in our mind

How can we ensure safety for our employees?

Today the top priority of any company is the health and safety of its workforce. This is a moral, ethical and legal concern of every company today. Once the office opens, it will be challenging for any company to keep its employees safe .Different companies today are adopting different rules and establishing various guidelines which will be followed when the offices will reopen. Companies are planning to use personal protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves, checking employees and visitors for fever before entering the workplace, and establishing rules governing when employees can return to work after recovering from infection.   

What does Rebuilding operations means?

Coronavirus has rapidly changed demand patterns across different sector today. At the same time, it has been interesting to note how quickly organizations have adapted to the situation, creating radical new levels of visibility, agility, productivity, and customer connectivity.

Many companies are planning to significantly redesign their operations and supply chains to make them recession- proof and resilient from ongoing and future shocks.

Health and safety of the workforce should be management’s top priority. Employees are counting on their companies to help them get back to work.

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  1. Hey Team, Do we have any norms established for Contact Traceability ?

    While the offices are being opened with limited capacity and if we come across any employee who develops fever during working hours – what are the next steps for getting the employees checked up ? also incase if these cases are found positive what is the protocol to be followed ? how do we trace the contact touch we evacuate office till it is disinfected again ? do we call employees who were in office along with this infected case ? can somebody share any standard operating procedure specifically treating this case

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