Looking to unlock your skills in the lockdown? Look no further

The world has never seen a time like this. It is unprecedented. Most of us are almost confined, working from home. As the world comes to grips with this pandemic, it is totally upto us to turn this adversity to our advantage. Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. Why waste this crisis? The time is just right to seize this opportunity to invest in ourself and upgrade our skills for accelerated growth. If you are wondering what would be the best skill to learn, hear this.

In this fight against, technology is leading the way, especially AI. India is incorporating AI in frontline health care. The Ministry of Electronics & IT has recently launched a mobile app called, ‘AarogyaSetu’, an important tool in the fight against COVID-19. Using AI, this app will enable people to identify and assess their risk of contracting coronavirus infection. It will alert users if they come in proximity to a COVID-19 infected person

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke (Author)

According to BCG, application of artificial intelligence will be immensely valuable in helping companies in the post COVID-19 world as well. Advanced robots that can recognize objects and handle tasks that previously required humans will promote the operation of factories and other facilities 24/7, in more locations and with little added cost. AI-enabled platforms will help companies better simulate live work environments and create on-demand labor forces. Through machine learning and advanced data analytics, AI will help companies detect new consumption patterns and deliver “hyperpersonalized” products to online customers. The most successful use cases will be those that seamlessly combine AI with human judgment and experience.

If Artificial Intelligence is an alien concept for you, time to get rid of your ignorance and take a free course on AI. NASSCOM FutureSKills recently launched portal, in partnership with MeitY, has a host AI coursework that can help you brush up your skill-sets during the lockdown period. Not only will you be making the best use of your time but will also learn something new that will help you in your career growth.

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