AI & Automation – A new era for workers

As we move forward with Industry 4.0, AI and Automation have joined hands in some unimaginable ways. The jobs of the 20th Century will be long gone as we usher with pace in the 21st Century. New jobs have and will continue to arise as technology moves forward. People with a wide variety of skills will become more valuable than ever before and jobs like data entry and ticket sales will just find their way to the dumps. 

Let us find out what exactly AI and Automation are doing to us in the 21st Century. 

For basics and for my reader, let me just enlighten you about the difference between AI & Automation.

AI – A smart technology that can deal with conceptual ideas and uncertainties and can put the information to better use after thorough analysis to react to situations. It gets smarter with the help of Machine Learning, a subset of AI. 

Automation – Just a set of rules to handle repetitive and straightforward tasks, having no smartness to analyze and deal with or react to different situations. 

Now coming to the main point, what are they doing to us in the 21st Century. I am sure most of you might have come across the word “Cloud” and that it is being used extensively by organizations big or small. Cloud computing is changing the way these businesses operates and it is taking away IT jobs. The team of 100 is now just a team of 10. 

“Forrester predicts that by 2025, technologies like robots, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation will replace 7% (or 22.7 million) jobs in the US alone.” 

So, any job with repetitive tasks is taken over by automation. I could say the front line IT support system is completely taken over by bots. This gives us the impression that we are into an era of change and evolution. With AI and Automation, as some jobs leave, more jobs arrive. The most mundane tasks for which workers had to burst their brains on is now not their job anymore. There job roles and responsibilities have become more strategic in nature i.e. they can now think more strategically. But of course, there are people against it and are worried that robots and machines will take over everything. It is to them I say – 

Why Resist?

Why do we have to think about machines as our enemy? A machine is as smart as a human being because we are the developers. These machines are here just to assist and take away from you the task which makes you want to leave your job and instead shifts your focus towards more important things. 

A recent survey on the future of teamwork, commissioned by Atlassian, revealed that nearly 87% of workers think that AI will change their job by 2020 — and 76% believe that at least “some” or “half” of their job could be performed by a robot, algorithm, or AI device.

Since you can never stop innovation and change, why not we focus on developing skills of the future. For example, figuring out a way to assess the problem and then finding the best use of technology to solve it. I mean, leave the job that goes away and look forward to developing skills so that you are ready for all the new jobs coming your way. 

Human – Machine 

There are some things that even machines can not take away and that is empathy, love, passion, joy, etc. from a human being. Teamwork can never be replaced with a machine. Complex products are made together as a team to cater to the market needs. Complex projects are being handled by project managers with carefully utilizing the budget and meeting the deadline. These kinds of jobs and roles will always be highly prized. 

We need to understand the divide and bridge the gap between Humans and Machines. Humans are still better at negotiations and defining SLA and brainstorming that idea which changes the face of business and changes the world.  

You don’t need to fight the inevitable but be more welcoming towards what is coming. Indulge in human relationships both on and off work and build ideas by immersing yourself with the processes of the business world and your company. Look for ways to automate your repetitive tasks which you already escape doing and pretty soon you’ll be a tech guru – A job of the future. 

The Winner here? It is the one who understands and collaborates with both people and technology. 

Stay tuned for the next one! Till then, work smarter and take your tech with you to improve skills instead of dwelling on the fact that you might have to leave this job in the coming years. 


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