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We are getting in touch with companies to understand how they are preparing to implement the maternity law. Here is how Capgemini is doing it:

Capgemini in India offers a 26 weeks maternity leave. This policy was introduced in January 2017. Additionally we offer paternity leave of 5 days and also ‘Leave for Adoption’ of 60 calendar days. Additional facilities include:

  1. Provision of out-house crèche facilities or day care facilities across PAN India offices of Capgemini.
  2. In-house crèche facilities at key locations.
  3. Provision of lactation rooms across PAN India offices of Capgemini.
  4. Flexi work option framework for employees – Employees may choose work from home OR reduced working hours option for a specific period .
  5. Fare welcome – This program is designed to assist in women colleagues transition from office to maternity leave, help them stay connected with the organization and colleagues during the maternity period, and ease their ‘back to work’ transition process.


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