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Should We Change the Current Financial Year?


Change is the only constant, as the adage goes. Some changes are welcome, some not, but in all likelihood, there’s a high degree of inevitability including initial discomfort that comes in its wake. The Hon’ble Prime Minister has been a change agent for India, and ever since he wore the mantle three years ago, we have continued to witness policy changes with characteristic regularity. And now, his latest pitch on shifting to a Jan – Dec financial year, is increasingly gathering mind-share. Being rather vocal about it in a recent Niti Aayog meeting, he wanted this debate to be taken up in all earnestness and the changes implemented, once the feasibility angle and the impact on the economy are cleared. Agricultural income is a substantial part of our GDP and the suggested change could prove ...

Trump faces hassles in repealing Obamacare!


From the moment President Donald Trump came to the forefront, his intentions on repealing the much talked-about Obamacare were clear. The bill on reforming the existing healthcare act had already witnessed two failed attempts in the past, and as per CNN’s whip count, there are now 21 House Republicans on the record, who could give a ‘NO’ vote. Before we go into what are the recent amendments being planned on the healthcare act, useful will be to have a quick look at what Obamacare is! What is Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare? It is a set of health insurance and industry reforms passed by the Congress in 2010. The plain sight objective was to increase the number of people with health insurance coverage – with the larger objective of improving quality of care to reduce healthcare cos...

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