Quarter that was at NASSCOM CoE DSAI

With successful launches, new collaborations and events, the CoE DS&AI witnessed a busy quarter.  AsterQuanta, one of the CoE DS&AI incubated startups, received funding approval of £100,000 from the Foreign Commonwealth Office of United Kingdom Government.  It was the only Indian startup to win this approval and one of the eight applicants who were selected from a hundreds who applied.

This quarter also saw Government of Telangana launch T-AIM (Telangana AI Mission) in partnership with NASSCOM with the first Governing Council meet convened. Attended by senior leaders across Government, Industry, Academia and Not-for-profit, the launch of T-AIM is another feather in NASSCOM’s cap.

It has been a quarter of collaborations, as we choose to term it, wherein CoE DS&AI collaborated with other NASSCOM divisions and Enterprise.  For example, CoE DS&AI collaborated with INDIAai on Investor Connect series “RaiSE” and with NASSCOM Research on playbooks for Enterprise Adoption of AI.

Externally, CoE DS&AI collaborated with Enterprises under the aegis of Co-Innovation to accelerate the AI mandate.  For example,

  • CoE DS&AI and PMI collaborated on creating new framework for the DS&AI projects
  • CoE DS&AI partnered with NetwrkAI to co-innovate Enterprise-Startup connect
  • CoE DS&AI helps a Fortune 50 financial services organization create an innovative solution based on NLP

Moreover, CoE DS&AI formed a working group on Innovation which consists of senior industry leaders, workings toward making India AI Positive through awareness, ability and adoption of data science & AI solutions.

Last but not the least, CoE DS&AI launched a series of programs and events to foster connect within the AI Community.  The initiatives like Masterclass, AI Dialogue and AI Parley series witnessed around 4000 attendees over last quarter.  With rebranding “AI Pathhshala”, a tech-mentoring program, CoE DS&AI helped the developer community an opportunity to gain edge on staying ahead of the technology curve.


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