Attendance management for Remote workers [Expert Guide]

Remote working can be very beneficial for a business. Yes! It has been said that working from home brings productivity to employees. Due to flexible schedules and more time saved, employees tend to deliver more when they work from home.

But, with this, there arises few set of challenges for the HR department. Challenges like timesheet management, leave management and remote workforce attendance management. Remote employee management is not so easy!

Don’t worry! You have come to right place. This guide will help you keep track of attendance for your remote workforce.

Attendance management system:

A system which can track and save the attendance data can be called as attendance management system. An online attendance management system integrated with an app or self-service portal; can help you get attendance data of your remote employees.

Integrated portal with a cloud-based attendance system allows your remote employees punch through their mobile phones and provide accurate data. This makes attendance tracking very simple and eliminates major part of human work.

Attendance management system simplifies attendance tracking for employees working from home

Geo fencing-

GPS tracking becomes very efficient when tracking remote employees for an accurate attendance data. Accurate attendance record leads to smooth payroll process. So, geo fencing could be the right solution for HR people to keep a good track. When employee punch IN or OUT, geo fencing ensures accurate location data is saved to know where your employee is.

Accurate reporting-

A reliable attendance management solution lets you generate reports for parameters like late remarks, shift details, overtime and In/Out raw details from anywhere through your mobile. These informative reports can hence be used for payroll process with all required data at one place. An online attendance management system can solve most of your management concerns like leave management amidst remote working.

Shift auto-scheduler-

It is difficult for the HR people to manage shift change for remote people on a constant basis. Constantly managing rotational shifts and their policies without any assistance of online system, invites errors and inaccuracies. Online attendance system helps you create new shifts and track automatically without the need to check-on regularly. Automatic notifications helps employees know updations in their shift (if any).

What’s in the lesson?

Be it any situation or business vertical, an online attendance and leave management system can cut your HR’s most of the difficulties and mundane tasks. An online solution can win you solutions like accuracy at data, transparency, data-backup and security, curbed errors and much more. Be with technology. Be in future.

Happy ‘Working from Home’!

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