How Major Brands Will Use Social Media Big Data in 2015 for Marketing

Social Media is a reservoir of robust amount of data both, structured and unstructured. The outcome of the extent brands will tap into them to generate actionable insights to optimize their marketing initiatives is limitless. From registering customer footfalls, brands have gone an extra mile to monitor their behavior to enhance their experience in this digitally transforming ecosystem. That being said, what will the future of Social Media look like for the users and marketers?

As with Social Media users, they are trending towards social aggregators. This means that with the growing number of networks at their disposal, they would be looking for a cross-platform interface which would allow them to make communication more seamlessly and effectively. Like Trillian, the chat app that let them combine a whole bunch of messengers into a single platform.

Social media marketers, along the same lines, would look out for a tool that would make cross-platform monitoring, ad-placements and quantification easier. A good example would be Salesforce which brought together Radian6, and Buddy Media, to make social listening, advertising and publishing a lot more integrated. Considering Social Media networks like Facebook have tons of volumes of data (around 800 pages per user), marketers would look to integrate different applications into their platforms to draw behavioral inferences and buying trends.

Social Networks have already began judging our tastes and preferences depending on the websites we visit and the posts we like and the nature of our comments. Their big data algorithms are probably telling them what we want before we know it ourselves. That being said, how are we going to capitalize the future of it? What are your thoughts on the future of Social Media Big Data?

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