Ongoing Research: Demystifying AI – Aladdin’s Lamp?

Sci-fi movies have only added on to the myth. Whether machines will eventually trump humans, is a debate which has steadily moved away from university level ruminations to capture not just leadership mindshare, but often constitutes the core of international conferences, studies, whitepapers and the like. That algorithms are a better bet than humans in performing repetitive tasks is now widely gaining acceptance, but can they be made to play better Chess? Perhaps yes. To what extent can this venerable idea be stretched and put to viable commercial use?

This is just a teaser. As you apply your mind to it, the realization dawns on many areas:


Admittedly, all answers may not be forthcoming as the space itself is rapidly evolving. But certainly a sincere attempt can be made to place before the reader extremely well-researched information, ideas, concepts and industry-wide best practices, to assist her in making informed decisions.

This is what the NASSCOM-BCG Study aims to do. We’ve called the report – Perspectives on AI which will be released at the BigData & Analytics Summit 2016 later this month. 

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