The Tweet Chat with Srikanth Velamakanni (Fractal) – the Nuggets

The Tweet Chat Series has proven to be most effective and throws up real gems in the shortest time imaginable, and with a very high degree of engagement. This time, we chatted with Srikanth Velamakanni Fractal Analytics Inc. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is one of the key speakers at the NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit 2016.

Key Takeaways From the Tweet Chat 

  1. What is AI @ Scale? The marriage of Big Data and AI, results in big analytics. Scale.
  2. India has some of the smartest data scientists and big data engineers in the world. A hotbed of high-end talent who are in great demand.
  3. Humility and hunger were spoken in same breath. Hire smart people who are humble and hungry. Build IP in process and serve clients.
  4. Indian companies will need to respond to evolving customer expectations. India will embrace big data and AI.
  5. As our supply of data scientists dries up, the industry will be forced to work with institutions. We need to do a lot more, especially improve collaboration with academia, which is so important for the industry that’s seeking this talent.
  6. The primary thinking behind Design Thinking is the user, and that it should assist her in quick decision making. Keeping this in mind, will make analytics products more usable and practical.
  7. Natural language understanding is an interesting and complex AI problem. Indian researchers are presently at the forefront.
  8. When competition intensifies and so do growth pressures, analytics will become even more essential. A must-have of sorts.
  9. Our govt and NASSCOM have woken up to Big Data, AI/Analytics which will be future of IT.
  10. His biggest learning – formulating the problem correctly, is half the solution.

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