Vital signs of the IT-BPM industry

The Indian IT-BPM industry is all set to reach its goal of $300 billion in revenues by 2020. There are enough challenges in the form of economic volatility, protectionism, competition; but we need to look at more indicators to see which way the industry is headed, at least in the near future. Here are a few signals from our latest report:

  • Q1FY2017 revenues grew by 3.6 per cent QoQ, and 8.7 percent YoY, sustained client mining and digital traction, expected to improve growth momentum though BREXIT affect not clear yet
  • However, net margins dropped (from 20% to 19.2%) as visa hike, currency fluctuations and wage hikes drag  profitability for most companies
  • Net client addition remains positive during the quarter. Active client base continues to grow for most of the firms.
  • Attrition and employee growth rates improve over the last quarters. Employee growth stood at 1.8 percent.
  • The number of big M&As this year indicate that things will be far from boring in the coming days.


More insights and in depth reports in our quarterly industry review. Download the report here.

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