How I can submit the case study ?

I am unable to find any way to upload my case study. Could you please help ? 

What are benefits of Robotic Process Automation? Is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Platform secure and auditable?


  What are benefits of  Robotic Process Automation? Is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Platform secure and auditable?  

How to update user profile from WordPress to Apigee?


When a user register on WordPress a developer is created on my Apigee organization. I achived this functionality by creating a plugin which uses wp_remote_post(). I am also able to delete account from both WordPress and Apigee by using wp_remote_request() and specifying method DELETE. Now I want to update the acount of the user. This means that for example if a user change first name,it should be changed in both WordPress and Apigee. From Apigee side I need to use PUT method. According to WordPress Codes you may meet with various degrees of success when using PUT. Bellow is the code of my UPDATE plugin: <?php  //DELETE ACCOUNT function do_stuff(){$current_user = wp_get_current_user();$current_user = wp_get_current_user();if ( !($current_user instanceof WP_User) )     return; //create a ...



Dear Shinitha, We suggest you seek expert advise for this.We can connect you with tax advisors but you will have to agree on terms and conditions independently. regards Shweta



Hi, I have a doubt. I makes mobile apps as requested by clients abroad with the help of my staff in India and some hired persons. I get payments online and I share it on my cloud. Kindly help me if it comes under OIDAR or just software export? I am so confused what all returns should I file and what all payments should I pay. Thanks in advance.

Re: mckinsey presentation


Not all presentations were shared by the authors. However, the ones that were as well as the videos can be seen here:

mckinsey presentation


Hi, I was wanting to look at the McKinsey presentation that Noshir Kaka presented prior to the panel discussion at ILF 2017.  I am unable to find it on the community website – request help in finding it pls.

Practical Workshop on Machine Learning for Students


I do believe that we need to create excitement and interest around Machine Learning amongst the student community. For this purpose I am thinking of developing a practical half day workshop where students will use neural net in Octave to recognize handwritten digits using MNIST database. But I will need an engineering college located in Delhi NCR region which is willing to try this out. Suggestions solicited.

Re: Analytics SIG related


​ Please attend to this query.

Analytics SIG related


what is the process for becoming chapter member of Analytics SIG?