Technology + creativity =TechnoCreativity

“The best ideas come as a joke, make your thinking as funny as possible”- David Ogilvy

Techno-creativity is not about how technology is enhancing or depreciating the creativity of others, because that cannot be the case, any technological advancement that has taken place till now or will take in the future is the result of blue-sky thinking. Technology is a result of creativity.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”- Elbert Einstein

Techno-creativity is about keeping the need of today’s world in mind and then moulding the use of technology that supports innovative ideas does not overpower those ideas. Both Technology and Creativity are so interwoven that they need to be correlated as cause and result.

Can you think of a time when you don’t need electricity? The answer is “NO”. Electricity is not only used for fans and tube lights but the internet we are using is from electricity, the supply of water is through electricity. All the advancements happening around us cannot take place without electricity. If Benjamin Franklin would not have creatively used his mind, electricity as a source of power would not be in existence, If Nikola Tesla has not creatively tested ways to use the electricity for inventing wireless lighting and wireless power distribution, there would have been no such thing right now.

“Google” which is the product of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s ingenuity, made the full use of the internet and came with this search engine. This search engine was unique and creative because it used a technology that was developed by them which was called:- PageRank, which revealed the website’s relevance on the basis of numbers of pages and the importance of those pages. Here, one existing technology “Internet” led to the invention of other new technology “Google”. Life without will be closed to living in a black and white world. “Google” has made it so convenient for us to use some keyboard strokes and search “ what it is Techno- creativity”?

In this data-driven world, we have a plethora of data, this amount of data cannot obviate our creativity, in fact, it gives us the opportunity to use it more creatively. The ways in which we are using it is so creative that nobody can have a clue what types of thing can exist in the world.

In this era as technological headway is at its fastest pace, the creativity of people needs to be at the same pace as well. Because of which CEOs and employers are focused on the enhancement of one’s creativity. The survey by IBM has revealed that  60% of CEOs regard creativity as the most important leadership quality Technology or creativity.
One question to cater here is how we can keep equal momentum between technology as well as creativity:-

  1. Become amiable with technology:- First and foremost mantra is to accept the technology around us. The rule for a healthy relationship is Friendship. Thus, to be Tech-Savvy we need to stay cordial with it.
  2. Getting more exposed to video and photographs:- plenty of research has shown that visual cues help us better retrieve and remember information. Thus the online courses, online videos are at the booming stage. Smart classes are on the rise where students are learning not only from books but are learning faster through videos, short clips, and photographs.
  3. Through social media:- spending time on social media is highly demotivated by others, but looking at the positive aspect of it which broadens the thinking capacity of a person, who in turn comes up with a beautiful creative idea as below:-
  4. “Healthy mind is a creative mind”:- indulge in something that you love, that you do because you want to and not because you have to.

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