Understanding The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in RPA


The world is facing a continuous change due to the ever-increasing scientific and technological development and innovations. These innovations in technology is growing in an exponential manner. With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, technology has drastically controlled the market. Individuals have become so dependent on its products that they can’t imagine a life without them. Keeping abreast with technology will be beneficial for enhancing business. This increases the customer satisfaction and reduces the risk of being left behind. The recent technological advancements have contributed a great deal of things to the humanity like: • Seeing AI – which talks to the blind about the things in front of them, helping them to make immediate decisions. It’s currently in five languag...

Is there any standard process to follow to develop data science project like in software engineering have ERP, UML diagrams or documents etc.?


here i am asking about specific to how to document AI/ML project not project life cycle like data collection, data cleaning, modeling, tuning etc.

Block chain technology

Hello sir, Hope you are doing well. I am new to the block Chain Technologies and i am so curious to get to know so deep with it. I want to develop a project on the Block-Chain. I had read all the Documentation and all the things how does it work. But I want  support from you for need to know some Technical things.  Can you please send me any Document means that can represent how admin or vendors we can create, what languages we can use and also how all process will move on. It just a E commerce website, We need to save all shops transactions details and some basic info. Thanks in Advance

Re: What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?


But Sandeep, long form is still the best format to explore such topics. Listicles and short guides can only go so far. 

Blockchain, a panacea for privacy issues ?


Would be  interesting to see how Europe’s GDPR legislation pans out with this in mind. Interesting times. Blockchain can help, but is it really the best tool for privacy?Blockchain is a secure transaction history and management system. Privacy is about rights granted, and about access protection (passwords or encryption). Thoughts ?

Tracking diet – inputting data – a major challenge


  Quite a few folks have noted this and  several have noted ditching apps and devices that required every food entry to have affect and be accurately insightful. How does that get solved? Same with ingested medications. Thoughts?  

What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?


Everyone’s heard of the IoT – smart thermostats, Internet-connected refrigerators, connected lightbulbs – but there’s a subset called industrial IoT that has a much more significant day-to-day impact on businesses, safety and even lives. What exactly it is?

Re: Blockchain opportunities


‌ can you please assist?

Blockchain opportunities


I am excited with the MoU between NAASCOM And BRI, with regards to that as an individual what are the opportunies to get started and participate in the PoCs to enable adoption of Blockchain in India?

Re: How I can submit the case study ?


You can upload it as a file here: