Why is Sustainable Energy Management Paramount in Today’s Day and Age?

Before we start with anything else, let’s try to get our basics right. To begin with, sustainability is a broad discipline. It is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

More often than not, the development is driven by one sole objective without considering other possibilities. All of us already can see the impact of the current approach, some of the large-scale financial crises are caused by irresponsible banking, and the changes in global climate is a result of our dependency on fossil fuel-based energy sources. If we keep on following unsustainable development, the more severe the consequences will become and to stop that we need to take action now and not postpone it.

The bigger question here is, is it all about the environment?

Sustainable energy is a broad spectrum, and the environment is a part of it. In short, it is about ensuring a strong and healthy society which means one needs to cater to the needs of all people in existing and for the future generation. Its main objective is to promote personal well being, inclusivity and social cohesion, and creating equal opportunity.

In a lot of jobs, it is considered very crucial to promote environmental awareness and sustainability skills as many businesses want to stick to the new legislation.

So yes, sustainability revolves around an array of the field but most commonly civic planning, environmental consultancy, not for profit, agriculture, corporate strategies, health assessment and planning, and even dwell into law and decision making. 

Following are some of the reasons why you should live a sustainable lifestyle-

  • Social or professional responsibility
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Green building certification
  • Regulatory mandates
  • Promise of cost savings 
  • Better brand image 

However, in this article, we will try to focus on how building automation systems are helping in sustainability.

To begin with, let us first understand the concept-

– It is a centralized, interlinked, network of hardware and software which keeps a check and controls the environment in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. 

– While managing an array of building systems, with the help of the automation system you can keep a check on the performance of the facility and at the same time comfort and safety of the people who are working there.

 – It is now being installed in new buildings or as part of a renovation.


Some of the benefits you can attain with BAS for Green Buildings. 

If you are wondering how building automation can help your building, the four significant benefits include-

-Higher Energy Efficiency – 

-Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs 

– Better Indoor Air Quality 

– Greater Occupant Comfort and Productivity

– Great network connectivity 

In conclusion, these were some of the advantages that come along with energy management if merged with building automation and distribution management systems


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