Low Code No Code: Automating Microservice Development in 2020

The Microservice Architecture (MSA) is very much in line with the theme of our times i.e. – Autonomy, flexibility and Minimal redundancy. Organizations are now encouraging Low Code No Code Microservices to build applications quickly, efficiently and unrestricted. Moreover, the reusability factor offered by MSA is a huge help for developers to focus more on creativity and originality rather than tiring repetition.

Talking about the year 2020 in particular, there is one more highly demanded attribute that the enterprises want to catch hold of – Automation. Leading the market needs originality, originality needs time, and time is limited. Automation saves time that can be tapped for innovation. So, why not bring automation and microservices architecture together? The MS LCNC platform was developed for exactly this purpose. It offers the independence of MSA along with the Time efficiency of automation, but more on that later. Let us first try to understand what MS LCNC platform and how it is a step ahead of the regular MSA that we know of.


Low Code as a Service

MS LCNC is more than a mere automatic generator of Low code No Code Microservices. It can be better defined as an intuitive environment for microservices deployment. In other words, one can not only auto-generate microservices but customize them as well. It augments the Microservices Architecture in the sense that developers get to enjoy independence, reusability as well as intelligence from the microservices they work on. The platform essentially offers minimal code as a service. While the regular MSA still requires you to code-in some of the additional features you are looking for in your application, the LCNC platform can suggest the code beforehand.


Automation and Independence

Microservices themselves relieve the developers from restrictions like technology stacks, monolithic architecture, etc. Low Code Microservices further these features by their additional intelligence. The low code development platform is beneficial due to features like:

  • Multilevel Reusability: In addition to the code reusability that MSA offers, there are additional layers provided by the low code microservices. Developers can pick and choose from the app features that can be added by mere drag and drop. Moreover, there are intelligent libraries that can be browsed for more customized microservices, hence minimizing the need for new code even more.
  • Reduced Time to Market: With the multilevel reusability of low code development, organizations can expect the lowest time to market for their applications. Automation enabled by the platform helps the applications to be built in record time. The microservice that might take weeks to develop can be generated in just a few days.
  • Custom Microservices: Regular Microservices are still a little restricted in terms of the data they can work on or the response they provide as output. The LCNC platform, however, offers more customized microservices that can be more specific to your needs. The platform tweaks its microservices depending on the needs of the developers, which makes it even more time-efficient for future use. In a way, if it is good for you now, it will be even better when you come back.



A Low Code No Code Microservices generating platform is everything the technology world needs right now. It is technology agnostic, it is fast-track, and most importantly it is intelligent. MS LCNC is truly the pathbreaker for microservices technology as well as automation. The market needs organizations to stand out with its services and solutions. Technology upheaval is more of a necessity than a choice. It is time to save time from undesired drudgery and expand the spectrum of possibilities. Let us head towards minimizing the code till there’s no code at all.

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