Fantastic insights on Drones and the future

In the Nasscom Product Conclave at Bengaluru 2019,  there was a panel discussion on drones and their future.

This had piqued my curiosity. Having been continuously plagued by the obnoxious “t” word in Bengaluru, I was wondering what relief, if any, could drones bring in the future. As a hard core Bengalurian, I make it a point to not mention the “t” word in its entirety as it is a rule among some of us not to talk about it 🙂

I was wondering, if one day, we would have a similar situation in the skies above Bengaluru. Today, at lunchtime, in most tech parks in Bengaluru, you would see a huge gang of employees geared up and collecting deliveries from online portals. At breakfast time, even on weekends, with most idli/dosa vendors, you would see a queue of not customers but Swiggy and other delivery companies lined up.

Now, imagine the situation when these deliveries take to the skies, with the help of drones!

The most berated topic around this is privacy and security. The ones for such technology say that security is always a source of concern and we should not slow down technological advancements for want of security and privacy. The counter argument to this was, with technological advancements, breaching security and privacy becomes a lot more easier than before.

With specific reference to drones, it is possible to block them, detect them, etc. But a lot of these limitations depend on the drones adhering to certain standards and specifications. While this could work for professional enterprises who would themselves be motivated to comply, when it comes to, say, for example, a techie fellow close to India Pakistan border, on the other side of India’s border, who is assembling a drone himself, which has a reach of over 200 kms across the border, I wonder which standards would he adhere to.

Nevertheless, this session was very useful and though we are far from the situations on the roads of Bengaluru replicating in the skies anytime soon, and even though we are also far away from seeing drones transporting people in large volumes, this definitely is an area to ponder about and watch out for

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