how to monetize business ideation


  how to monetize ideation  

Re: Will blockchain save IoT?


  Blockchains and banks/financial world. How will that work ? The blockchain is the flying car of finance: buy a jet car – BNP Paribas Corporate & Institional Banking  

Machine learning and the future of Artificial Intelligence


I recently completed a wonderful course in Machine Learning taught by Prof Andrew Ng of Stanford on Coursera. Machine Learning, more popularly known as Artificial Intelligence or AI, is not a new topic. It has been in the making for over 60 years. But it has started delivering creditable results in the last few years. The success of the driverless car has captured the popular imagination but progress in the areas of image recognition, natural language processing and anomaly detection is no less impressive and has applications across sectors. One might argue that AI is part of the digital transformation that is sweeping the world in any case, so what is so special about it. Well there is a fundamental difference. Till this time computers were great for doing repetitive jobs quickly and reli...

7 step Guide to knowing which Mortgage BPO Services provider is the best?

The Best and most reliable Mortgage BPO Services provider helps create sustainable business impact for clients through the innovative use of processes, people, platforms and partnerships. Do you have one already? With 16+yrs of experience as the most preferred Mortgage BPO Company, we understand that mortgage lenders & brokers want comprehensive mortgage services that are designed to deal effectively with heightened demands to reduced costs and improve efficiency. What is the quick 7 step Guide to knowing which Mortgage BPO Services provider is The Best?The one that provides all the below 7 services with round-the-clock support. 1. Stacking & Indexing – Split of documents and classification of documents as per document types2. Loan Boarding – Entering initial information from 1003,...

Process Machine Learning Takes Years (of Data) to Accurately Predict an Outcome


By Peter Reynolds​ For process engineers or maintenance and reliability engineers who are embarking on a technology selection of machine learning tools predictive strategies, here are some ideas to help you in your quest. If you are looking for a solution that uses vibration measurements as a means of predicting health of rotating equipment in the process industries  – then you need to look deeper. For rotating equipment, by the time the vibration alarm occurs, the damage is done. This single-variate, vibration-centric threshold or rules based monitoring should be part of the solution, but not the only solution. This is condition-based monitoring and has been around for decades. Prediction of a future unplannedevent  needs to consider  the upstream and downstream process variables that imp...

The Future of Manufacturing: Prescriptive Analytics and Operational Intelligence


  By Dick Slansky ​ I blogged last week about the need for more intelligence in edge devices and smart sensors. Additionally, I commented in an earlier blog include how completed operational and executed work records, quality assurance records, work flow histories, operational deviations and variations, engineering changes, and many other records related to the production process represented the real big data for manufacturing. The point being that this big data for manufacturing was the real treasure trove of information that would allow advanced analytics applications to actually optimize and determine best practices for the production processes. In other words, if you want to actually implement continuous process improvement one has to examine the complete production process record...

Cognitive Automation – Way forward


  Hi, I have been doing research around cognitive automation for a while and it seems that most of the organizations are talking about it. I would like to start this discussion where we have a forum with like minded professionals who have vision of cognitive automation. There many jargon floating around in publication media and lots of information available. What’s the right time do you think is for large organizations? What are the prerequisites of stepping into cognitive era? What’s the first step to begin with cognitive automation? Do you think that full stack of automation right from infra layer to application/service presentation layer is a reality in years-old organization? Should organization first focus on building up automation and then cognitive automation? Looki...

Will Machine Learning Eat Historian?


  By Peter Reynolds For most process industry Owner Operators, there remains a need to predict precisely when an asset will fail or detect when a process will degrade – while eliminating false positive diagnoses. Most single-variate monitoring solutions such as condition-based monitoring have played a role but have been susceptible to the generation of false positive diagnosis and lack of acceptance by operations. Other standard tools used by maintenance engineers or process engineers have been the plant historian desktop tools. Although these have been useful, users have had much difficulty creating context and providing predictions without considerable time and effort by an end user. Machine Learning technology provides an opportunity to change this game. Production availability and...