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SMB and Startups – Engine of Growth and Aspirations

Nascent companies that are in their infancy will work as a mainstream media. What separate the startups from traditional businesses is the capacity to take an idea scrawled into the business for attracting investors and venture capitalist. Large corporations make investments including acquisition & merger in Startups but finds it difficult to venture organically into developing such solutions. It’s interesting to know pretty facets of life that undergoes transformation and not change. Technology-led disruptions are one among the key to this transformation. These disruptions stunned everyone in their own manner whether in personal, social, political, or economic. It’s possible for startups to be an SMB, where nimble and well-funded people need to prepare to push into established markets...

Re: Blockchain opportunities

‌ can you please assist?

Blockchain opportunities

I am excited with the MoU between NAASCOM And BRI, with regards to that as an individual what are the opportunies to get started and participate in the PoCs to enable adoption of Blockchain in India?

Re: How I can submit the case study ?

You can upload it as a file here: 

How I can submit the case study ?

I am unable to find any way to upload my case study. Could you please help ? 

Re: mckinsey presentation

Not all presentations were shared by the authors. However, the ones that were as well as the videos can be seen here:

mckinsey presentation

Hi, I was wanting to look at the McKinsey presentation that Noshir Kaka presented prior to the panel discussion at ILF 2017.  I am unable to find it on the community website – request help in finding it pls.