Block chain technology

Hello sir, Hope you are doing well. I am new to the block Chain Technologies and i am so curious to get to know so deep with it. I want to develop a project on the Block-Chain. I had read all the Documentation and all the things how does it work. But I want  support from you for need to know some Technical things.  Can you please send me any Document means that can represent how admin or vendors we can create, what languages we can use and also how all process will move on. It just a E commerce website, We need to save all shops transactions details and some basic info. Thanks in Advance

Blockchain, a panacea for privacy issues ?


Would be  interesting to see how Europe’s GDPR legislation pans out with this in mind. Interesting times. Blockchain can help, but is it really the best tool for privacy?Blockchain is a secure transaction history and management system. Privacy is about rights granted, and about access protection (passwords or encryption). Thoughts ?