Big Data Analytics

What does data science used for?


Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. The other terms: Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics are essentially the same as Data Science. Data Science is concerned with analyzing data and extracting useful knowledge from it. Building predictive models are usually the most important activity for a Data Scientist. More generally, a data scientist is someone who knows how to extract meaning from and interpret data, which requires both tools and methods from statistics and machine learning, as well as being human. She spends a lot of time in the process of collecting, cleaning, and munging data, because data is never clean. ...

Oracle steps up IoT game, adds AI, digital twin, and enterprise data integration


Oracle is enhancing its IoT Cloud applications but sees the secret sauce as the data integration and automation that’s available in its ERP and supply chain systems. Oracle said it has added digital twins, workflow threads between enterprise systems between the Internet of Things (IoT) to corporate Oracle Data Integration and embedded artificial intelligence to its IoT Cloud applications. The company has been stepping up its IoT efforts, with an aim to easing deployments and delivering more business value. Like Salesforce and SAP, Oracle is arguing that melding corporate and customer data with the Internet of Things and analytics drives business value. To Oracle, the IoT Cloud will ultimately blend augmented and virtual reality for efforts like preventative maintenance and inventory ...

Oracle connects the data swamps


Oracle has announced the launch of the Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service. This service is designed to extract, load and transform (E-LT) data into big data repositories. It supports Oracle Database Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud Service, and Big Data Cloud Service. There is also support for non-Oracle services. What is key to the architecture is that it does not need to transfer the data to another location in order to transform it. This is important for a cloud data transfer service. It reduces the number of transfers that other services take and increases the speed accordingly. Flexible service Jeffrey T. Pollock, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle (Image Source LinkedIn/Jeff Pollock Jeffrey T. Pollock, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle The solution works with on-pr...

NASSCOM Invites Case Studies on Risk Analytics


After the successful 1st Tech Session in Customer Analytics under the banner of NASSCOM Tech Series, we are announcing the 2nd track on Risk Analytics. The inaugural session held on 28th April 2017 showcased case studies on how organizations are leveraging analytics to enhance customer satisfaction, targeting the right marketing mix, reacting to changing market conditions, developing deep insights for product development, formulating of branding/ social media and customer activities across channels etc. We had 50+ organizations who submitted the case studies and NASSCOM would like to Thank all for taking the effort to be part of our conversation. The next track to be held on 28th July will focus on Risk Analytics to understand – how organizations are seeking to increase “risk intelli...

Lars Thomsen’s take on the the tipping point in AI , Solar, EVs and Human Values


Lars Thomsen is a well know futurist who has said that the next five years will witness the end of stupidity. And he is not talking about humans !. He is talking about dumb machines being replaced by intelligent ones. In this excellent talk he elaborates on the the tipping points related to AI, energy, Evs and human values in the next 520 weeks. A must watch.

How do free classified website generate revenue?


Display Ad has traditionally been an important revenue source for most digital media, however a few classifieds offer show in more imaginative structures. High movement volumes and clients looking on city and classification levels make it conceivable to offer focused in plain view on Geo and intrigue. For specific brands who have achieved a champ takes all position (e.g. OLX and Presskr) show has demonstrated to have a higher development on versatile where professional stores/boutiques pay for being a piece of hunt records in pennant positions, now and again with a slight postponement for expanded presentation.

Microsoft’s Azure SQL Premium now comes with In-Memory technology


What’s in memory technology? In memory processing depends on data in RAM to boost database performance. Generally, data makes its way from storage to the processors. In memory cuts the route short and makes data readily available within the server’s own memory bus. Rohan Kumar, general manager of Microsoft’s Database Systems group, has written in a blog post : In-memory technology helps optimize the performance of transactional (OLTP), analytics (OLAP), as well as mixed workloads (HTAP)…These technologies allow you to achieve phenomenal performance with Azure SQL Database—75,000 transactions per second for order processing (11X [performance] gain) and reduced query execution time from 15 seconds to 0.26 (57X [performance gain]). The offer can be availed by Microsoft...

Analytics will drive Artificial Intelligence. Do you agree?


Machine learning is all about faster processing of massive amounts of data, no? Take the new iPhone camera for example. It has an image signal processor (ISP) enhanced by machine learning that makes editing photos more intelligent. An intelligent program should read historical data, analyze it for patterns, and be able to classify what it sees. Without a database to learn from and then call upon this information to match with new data, a program cannot really “learn”. Google G Suite and IBM Watson are both examples of machine learning that depend on analytics. In fact, many see Microsoft’s acquisition of Linkedin as an attempt at the same – acquire massive amounts of data that can feed productivity tools of Microsoft. While we have been looking at artificial intelligence as a new domain th...

NASSCOM Analytics Challenge


Greetings from the NASSCOM BPM Council! In this age of information overload, the business world is witnessing a paradigm shift from contemporary data recording methodologies to advanced analytics. While analytics continues to prosper due to the Internet of Things (IoT), what is required is the right technology, coupled with the right talent to cater to this data explosion. At NASSCOM, we constantly strive to position India as the Analytics Hub on the world map, and an offshoot of that objective is to build the talent in the area of analytics. To give wings to this effort, I am pleased to announce the first-ever NASSCOM Analytics Challenge in our country. This first-of-its-kind competition aims to bring together young, innovative and analytical minds with a flair for mathematics, statistics...

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