AI technology capabilities and trends


What are some of the technology capabilities and trends driving AI evolution in the life sciences?


Specifically, what are the newer and also key trends and drivers affecting development efforts and capabilities and then actual use of AI in the life sciences?
In the end, it’s AI’s transformation in how we do things, being more effective, by costs, results and resources committed. For AI (or any other new tech) to gain bigger, large scale traction, a half order or more in improvement is needed for likely user acceptance in the task at hand. Validation by example is needed as well. Who would likely do that? How? Especially the why?
Finally, where would one find the biggest drivers, the consumer draw – be it an individual or a group up to a large firm or institution. In other words, where would AI truly enable something long sought with leading impact? The alternative would be where is a safe introduction but not overtly transformative – saving costs, but no change in result for example. Are there common technology requirements across multiple needs, efforts


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