Artificial Intelligence and the Human Resource Community


This post is dedicated to the Human Resource Community that is wondering how to grapple with the coming Tsunami of Artificial Intelligence that is expected to sweep across the world soon. The workforce will need to be up skilled and job losses can be expected. On top of that, HR maybe called upon to deal with a mixed workforce comprising of humans and BOTs. The good news is that AI is slowly moving from the lab to the field and will soon be a part of every professional’s toolkit. Recenty I tried working on the HR use case published on the IBM Watson Blog ( ) with my favorite Machine Learning tool TFLearn ( TFLearn | TensorFlow Deep Learning Library  ) and I got good results. I would like to encourage all HR professionals to try cracking this use case on their own. This will convince you that there is no black magic and everyone in the company can learn Machine Learning and start thinking of use cases that can benefit the company.

If you need a little help to get you stated on your journey to learn Machine Learning, I will be happy to conduct a workshop for your team. Please mail me at if you are interested.


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