CoE-DSAI Acceleration Program – Catalyzing Innovation in Artificial Intelligence


NASSCOM has established a Centre of Excellence in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (CoE – DSAI) along with Government of Karnataka on a public-private partnership model. The vision of the CoE – DSAI is to accelerate the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence ecosystem and establish Karnataka as a global hub for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DS & AI).

CoE -DSAI launches the Acceleration Program to deep accelerate Small & Medium Enterprises who are developing disruptive solutions in areas of Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Cross-Industry & Government / Citizen centric services, by –

  • Using deep learning (or other advanced machine learning techniques)
  • Solving problems that were previously poorly solved/unsolvable (without AI techniques)
  • Involving unstructured datasets (text, voice, video, images, etc.) in addition to structured data
  • Delivering high impact, either commercially or societally.


The CoE – DSAI will support the short-listed SMBs, for a period of six months to five years, to fast track its Product Development, Market Access, Talent requirement, and Showcasing through –

  1. Real World Problems: Assist in access to Enterprises, PoCs, Complex business problems and part of Co-Creation program of CoE-DSAI with User Enterprises & Government
  2. Training Data: CoE – DSAI will work with Government & Enterprises to make available large data-sets for training the model
  3. Technology Platform: Technology Platform (Cloud + On Premise) with requisite library of solutions & reusable artifacts
  4. Mentoring: Experts with deep knowledge of the business will provide mentorship along with sharing of best-practices
  5. Skill & Talent: Access to Universities & Training Partners with whom CoE – DSAI will build partnership to develop right skill & talent
  6. Showcasing: Across various NASSCOM platforms,  reports, summits, NASSCOM tie-ups with global organizations, presentation to global delegates


Who Can Apply?

SMBs in DS & AI space with revenues not exceeding USD 25 million and developing niche / disruptive capabilities may apply to the program. The selection to the program will be through a jury process.


If you are interested to be a part of this program, please fill the attached form.

To Know More, please write to:


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