Industry 4.0: CoE – IoT Co-creates with Different Stakeholders


The Centre of Excellence for IoT located at Bangalore has focused on a very active co-creation program that brings together innovative solutions across the partners. Some of the use cases include:

Co-creation with John Deere:

  • Fork lift tracking on shop floor to understand actual utilization of lift
    • As fork lift moves on the shop floor, the actual utilization is only when it is moving with load. When it is stationary or moving without load, it is not actually being utilized. The project is to understand for what actual duration the lift is moving, standing still and moving with load to analyze if actual utilization is proper or can be improved.
  • Mobile phone based assistance for shop floor manager for any data using voice query.
    • To allow the shop floor manager to use his mobile phone for voice based query where application converts the query into text, fetches data from backend and provides answer back in voice. Helps the manager to not having to go to his office to get the required answer.
  • Part identification using imaging and AI
    • Identification of automotive part using image processing and AI. Needed to address situation where parts look similar to each other and mistakes get made, of using wrong part in assembly line.
  • Real time tracking of parts from supplier to consumption

Sheela Foam:

  • Automating quality inspection using image processing
    • Replacing the manual quality inspection by camera-based quality inspection to improve the inspection efficiency


  • Reading of meters using mobile phone based image processing

There are old industrial meters where reading is a manual process. Objective is to develop solutions that can use mobile phone to take picture, perform processing to get the reading and upload on server.

Social (Akshya patra – Mid-day meals to children)

  • Food quality monitoring – using temperature and location parameters to leverage technology from Locanix and Accenture.

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