Internet Of Things (IoT)- Let’s Get Going !

IoT is an incredible invention that was termed in 1999 by Kevin Ashton meant for enabling computers to sense the world with the use of the internet. IoT met with a lot of scepticism in the initial days as it seemed that such a concept was impossible to be in existence. But through all odds, it came into existence when companies like- Procter and Gamble, Gillette, Coco-cola understood its importance and started investing in the research for IoT that would help these organizations in the easier process of the supply chain. One IoT application that is being focused here is Smart Home is one of the most popular and fastest-growing components of IoT. The smart home has made life easier and full of comfort with just one click.

Do you wish to have everything just by not being there? Do you call it Supernatural power?

This Supernatural power is IoT (Internet of things), What is the first thing that comes to your mind by listening to the word IoT? A giant robot? That is not the case these are just three heavy letters, but simple to understand, it is the connection between any device in this world to the internet, and there we see the miracle.

Connecting all the “Things” to some sensors put in digital intelligence in the device that would otherwise won’t work the way it works. It shares the sender data fetched from the connection and is sent to the cloud to get worked upon. People only interact with them while setting them up, or giving specific instruction, apart from it they work without human interaction.

Applications of IoT –

  • Smart Homes
  • Smart cities
  • Wearable
  • Connected Cars
  • Industrial internet
  • IoT in Agriculture
  • Retail IoT
  • Energy Engagement
  • IoT in Health care
  • IoT in Poultry and farming

Broad benefits of IoT:

  • It raises the standard of living
  • Enables the humans to live and work smarter
  • Give complete control over their life
  • Gives the space to human to utilize their time well.
  • Helps humans to lead a comfortable life
  • Maximize security

Benefits IoT has for business:-

  • Advance customer service:- In this era organizations are moving towards better customer experience rather than just focusing on profit maximization. IoT such as smart trackers is gaining importance when it comes to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Connectivity:- there is an invention of a new way of communication in and around the business world.
  • Workplace safety:- wearables and sensors enable the organization to alert the employees about risks. These help in carrying out work with so ease in mining, heavy industries, and real-estate. Connected cameras enable the owner to monitor office warehouse, storage, etc.
  • Transparency:- Mobile point-of-sales device has reduced the need for cash and increased card payments. It reduces accounting error, also minimizes the chance of embezzlement.
  • Temperature and climate control:- this becomes an important aspect for a business to run smoothly. Farmers are the ones who can be benefited from predictive IoT models to better protect their crops, being cautious about over or under-watering. IoT storage monitoring system enables farmers to keep track of their perishable items.

Disadvantages of IoT:-

  • Breach of Privacy:-  people are still sceptical about the use of IoT as It Requires Information, All the information is stored on the internet makes the consumer doubtful about the way the information may be used by the authority containing all the information. Nobody wanted to get into the matter where their privacy is ruptured.
  • Over-reliance on technology:- talking about millennials, they are tech-savvy with much of their time spent on technologies like phones, laptops gadgets, etc. internet as a system does not ensure that it is fault-free some glitches in it may occur which may hamper the connectivity with the device. Relying on technology to this extent may lead to some unexpected events.
  • Loss of jobs:- Technological advanced world has created this fear in mind that with more and more technology in this world will create fewer job opportunities in the world. Due to which people are not able to become amiable with technology. People will be recommended to first acquire technological friendly skills to enter the market

Have you ever dreamt of a Smart home? Where you blink your eye and the thing is done? does it seem unrealistic to you? thankfully it is now realistic and makes your life at ease.


It is the automation system at home that controls and monitors entertainment systems, appliances, lighting security, and whatnot. This magic is done when these are connected with the internet. Typically working in this system is ingenuine. It connects all the controlled devices to a central system.

Some lots in these Smart homes can be:-

  1. Smart lighting:- one such example is Philips Hue lighting that detects whether there is somebody in the room or not and then adjusting lighting accordingly. Such technologies will replace the human carelessness in the switching of the lights and will save electricity at a broader rate and
  2. Smart locks:- no more we need to waste time unlocking the door of the garage or the house. The work will be done before we arrive. How convenient that will be right? Sensors in these locks will help grant or deny access to the visitors.
  3. Pet care, houseplants, lawn:- do you want better care of your pets as well as your plants when you are not there? This can be done through connected feeders for the pets and through connected timers for the plants to get watered.

Smart Homes is one such IoT which will provide Peace of mind to the homeowner, by accommodating what the person wants. IoT will supersede human carelessness and human can do their work without worrying about did I locked the door or not? Did I switched off the lights or not?

Smart Home is not the near future rather they are the present


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