NASSCOM Engineering R&D Webinar- Automation in Machine/Deep Learning to aid data scientist

NASSCOM Engineering R&D organised a webinar on ‘Automation in Machine/Deep Learning to aid data scientist’ in April’2020.

As more and more enterprises adopt Machine Learning (ML) to solve critical business challenges, they realize the high barriers involved, such as getting the right resources and expertise required to operationalize the ML model. These make the ML journey bumpy and tedious for the enterprises. The traditional ML lifecycle, right from data access to model deployment and inferencing involves several standard steps. Automating these stages helps take the complexity and mystery out of the ML implementation journey by boosting the productivity of data scientists and analysts, and weaning out the possibility of human errors. Thus, automation in Machine Learning/Deep Learning/ Artificial Intelligence implementation processes helps improve return on investment and time-to-market.

This webinar focused on Automation in ML wherein you can look forward to learn: 1. Understand the fundamentals of Automated Machine Learning / AI / DL 2. What phases of ML / DL / AI life cycle can be automated effectively? 3. What are the key benefits of Automation?

To listen the webinar recording, CLICK HERE

Also, attaching the PPT for Answers to the Questions/Queries as is- responded by our speakers- Vijaya Malalai and Sindhu Ramachandran

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