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GIC Conclave 2017

GIC Conclave 2017


How to secure a website

I have a website magazinesworld.org developed in blogger, please help me, how I can secure this.

Re: Agenda & Takeaway

We will upload the session videos and few summary blogs post the event. 

Agenda & Takeaway

Please provide the key takeaways (expected) from this conclave. I am interested in knowing the agenda, a quick summary & the takeaways.

2017 marks the death of Big Data

Well, at least the hype about Big Data has finally and thankfully died. The world has been obsessed with big data for years, often overshadowing shifts more meaningful to the Global In-house Center: upheavals and opportunities in the talent pool, changes in taxation and immigration, the laptop ban, this year’s black: Artificial Intelligence, and the transformation of the offshore delivery center into strategic enabler. Come join me as my colleagues, who are India’s brightest GIC stars, unravel the morass at NASSCOM’s GICs 3.0: Accelerating Enterprise Transformation, April 20th and 21st, 2017 at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre.  This blog is written by Christopher Arnold (Head of Knowledge Services) from Wells Fargo.