Global Capability Centers: Leadership Capabilities for Digital 2020+

Discovering leadership-capable talent and building leadership succession plans are challenges not unique only to the global capability centers (GCCs) of India. Complexities, however, increase in the GCC operating context due to restricted access to customers, invisible front-line strategies, and misaligned global corporate plans, particularly in scenarios with…

  • Rapidly-evolving scale and speed of digital transformation
  • Embryonic technologies adding to complexity of change
  • Complex leadership challenges, beyond the usual skill, will, and ownership subjects

…necessitating contextualized leadership and agile decision-making to steer through, both for current and potential India GCCs.

NASSCOM gathered primary insights from the GCC Leadership Capabilities Assessment survey, and 25 interviews, on business mandates that govern GCC operations and the required leadership skills…that revealed an urgent need for middle-level managers to develop flexible, global, and product-ownership mindsets to build organic, future-proof leadership capabilities.

This insights compendium suggests capabilities and initiatives that GCCs must take in order to build sustainable leadership capabilities through these times of rapid digital transformation.

Our GCC 3.0 study had profiled in depth the GCC landscape, shifts, opportunities, strengths, and locational/capability analysis of GCCs pan-India. Read that study here.



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