What is Co-Creation Program for Industry 4.0


Imagine a manufacturing unit without any human presence with robotic arms performing mechanical actions, connected digital machines calibrating and diagnosing themselves, forecasting their sickness and calling the correct “specialist” for preventive maintenance!!! That is the fourth industrial revolution, the factory of the future, the Industry4.0 !!! And that is the vision CoE’s hopes to strive towards via its Co-create program.

Over the last two centuries, the way manufacturing works has gone through tremendous changes. From the days of complete manual production, we have come a long way with computerized machines and automation. Yet there is another revolution in manufacturing coming which is going to revolutionize the way manufacturing works with digitization, robotics and connectivity driving the change

Let’s look at the history of manufacturing:

Industry 0 – Completely manual process for manufacturing

Industry 1 – Steam engine and mechanization of manufacturing process

Industry 2 – Electricity and assembly line – breaking complex manufacturing into small simple pieces, leading to mass production of products like cars, airplanes etc

Industry 3 –  Computer control and automation. Machines started replacing humans in production assembly line with humans getting behind the machines and controlling them for doing the actual manufacturing

Industry 4.0 introduces what we define as smart manufacturing, whereby machines start getting intelligent, are able to learn about the manufacturing process once deployed and use feedback to do further fine-tuning the manufacturing. Connected operators can monitor the progress and diagnose problems remotely. Instead of breaking down and bringing production to a halt, machines are smart enough to be able to timely predict their own failure and raise timely alarm for maintenance.

The key aspects of Industry 4.0 are:

1. Interoperability – multiple devices and sensors connected need to be able to talk to each other in seamless manner to enable decision making at the edge and to be able to learn from each other

  1. 2. Modelling – the information being collected from various devices is used to create a model of the specific area being monitored and sent to connected intelligent servers for analytics
  2. 3. Analytics – once the model has been created, the data being collected is constantly analyzed to predict the behavior of system being monitored for predicting the behavior and diagnosing any potential failure
  3. 4. Continuous learning and autonomous decisions – the data analytics continues to use machine learning to keep improving future predictions. This leads to more decisions being made autonomously instead of just alarm being raised and improved diagnosis being sent to connected server

Co-Creation Program:

CoE has launched a co-creation program for Industry 4.0 where we bring together different stakeholders such as technology developers (startups, academia, freelancer …) in different areas (e.g. sensors, gateways, predictive analysis, communication), Industrial Technology users, System Integrators and Enterprise Partners for development and adoption of innovative solutions to the problems in the domain of Industry 4.0. CoE continues to engage with all the stakeholders from beginning to end, till adoption of solution by technology users.

Model for Industry 4.0 Co-creation:


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