Agritech Case Study Series: APMC Manchar App


Product Name: APMC Manchar App
Name of Organization: Krushiking Agrotech Industries Pvt. Ltd.
At the helm: Mr. Nilesh Shejwal (MD)
Year of Incorporation: 2015
Core technology used: Android app, Dashboard (web view), SMS gateway integration, Bluetooth operated portable printer.


  1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief.

‘APMC Manchar’ is an application and complete digital solution made for APMC Manchar. The objective was to design complete end to end process digitally and by-pass handwritten receipts. Creating a transparent institutional ledger that updates real-time and the information is updated every stake holder of APMC.


  • Farmers
  • APMC institution
  • Labourers
  • Traders
  • Agmarknet (Database at Govt. of India)
  • Agriculture analysts

2. Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention.

Project was run at APMC Manchar (Pune, Maharashtra)


  • Every auction is reported, real-time, receipt is generated through portable printers connected to app, and the message of trade volume, price etc. is delivered to concerned farmer at his mobile no.
  • APMC does understand trade volume and amount of trade without any flaw. This leaves no scope to under reporting of trade by traders, and increase in collection of Market Sess.
  • Farmers, often send their commodities to sell, in group, with a transporter, has no idea, about actual auction etc. Many times, farmer does travel to attend such auctions. Real time SMS saves his efforts and time. Digital receipt creates transparency in trade and promotes fair business.
  • All the data of auction is stored in data tables and all the required reports can be downloaded by APMC representative, at the end of the auction. E.g. Total trade volume, Total turnover in Rs., Total Market cess in Rs., Prices of each commodity auctioned (Min, Max, Average)
  • APMC saves huge cost of Stationary (Receipt books), Data of trade made by each trader is reported real-time without manipulation, increase Market Sess collection.
  • Labourers handling operations (Weighing etc.) data gets available on single click, hence, wages can be calculated without any trouble.
  • Complete transparency and real-time reporting of auctions, prices, commodity volume is a crucial information from APMC to be communicated to ‘Agmarknet’ or ‘MSAMB’. Manual reporting or less frequent reporting done by APMCS, impact quality of data collected.

3. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?


  • Digitization of auctioning process of agri commodities.
  • Real-time data entries without impacting speed of operational processes such as handling, weighing, pricing, digital receipt print etc.
  • To save cost of stationary used for receipts and avoid manipulation due to hand written entries
  • To have an easy and automated accountancy and know each details of every auction
  • To increase revenue through transparency in trade accountancy.
  • To deliver SMS alerts to each farmer participating in auction, real-time, through system.
  • To communicate trade entries, auction prices (Min, Max, Average) for each crop auctioned, to, MSAMB/ Agmarknet, without any flaw.


Quick look- (Last 2 Months)

  • Launched in 14th January 2019
  • Playstore Downloads of ‘APMC Manchar’ App- 10K+
  • Total farmers visited APMC and participated in auction- 24,520
  • Total receipts- 1,34,279
  • Total trade volume in Qt- 5 Lakh Qt.
  • Total auction trade in Rs.- 90 Cr.
  • Market Cess collected by APMC- 74 Lakh Rs. (@1.05 % on Trade)

4. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability

Cost for digitization- 3 Lakh. consumables include, development of app, SMS integration and Dashboard (Web view) as per operational requirement.

Variable/ at actual cost

Consumables include, bluetooth portable printers, smartphones/ tablets with android operating system, bulk SMS and AMC of software.


Can be implemented for each APMC across the country.

5. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership.

Partnership with State Agriculture Marketing Committee to implement at APMCs.

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