Agritech Case Study Series: ESE Agri Value Chain Solution by SourceTrace


Product Name: ESE™
Name of Organization: SourceTrace Systems India Pvt Ltd
At the helm: Dr. Venkat Maroju
Year of Incorporation: 2007
Core technology used: Java, MySQL,Cordova, SQLite, REST API and Json web services



  1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief.

SourceTrace is a SaaS (Software As A Service) company that focuses on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of smallholder farmers. The company was established in 2007 and today has a footprint in 26 countries. SourceTrace’s farmer-centric mobile applications help manage the agriculture value chain all the way to the last mile to enable smallholder farmers participate in global markets. SourceTrace mobile applications are scalable from small co-operatives and farmer producer companies on the one hand to large agribusiness corporations and government agencies working in the sustainable development sector on the other.

SourceTrace’s mobile application provides complete visibility from field to market and tracks the value chain at the source – even in remote, low bandwidth environments. Our platform eservices Everywhere (ESE™) helps to capture all interactions at the touchpoints of the smallholder farmers at the field level for enhanced traceability and improved accountability of the value chain.

SourceTrace Systems ESE™ platform sets the industry standard for mobile applications in remote and low-bandwidth environments by successfully deploying in three continents. Real time information allows management to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs and contributes to “smart” agriculture and incentivizes smallholder farmer organizations to embrace technology and increase their production.


  1. Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention.

We operate in 26 countries and have impacted more than 1 million farmers.  Here are case studies of our work with Coffee Board of India and Griffith Foods Pvt. Ltd.  Both are based in Karnataka, India.

a) Coffee Board Of India:

Integrated Development Programme for Coffee and Black Pepper Produced By Soliga Tribal community– Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka

A multi-institutional, four-year intervention is being implemented by Coffee Board of India, for development of the Coffee/Pepper farms to enhance the economic conditions of the Soligas and to promote the environmental sustainability in the region.  This project is being taken up by Coffee Board in collaboration with the Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Karnataka.

The specific objectives of the intervention are:

Soliga farmers were earlier selling their produce to open markets through agents and were not able to obtain premium prices for the chemical-free coffee beans. ESE Agri solution was used to capture the socio-economic details of the farmers, geo tag their plantations, capture inputs used for growing coffee, capture farmer trainings, Internal Control Systems for NPOP & UTZ certifications, crop stage interventions and providing necessary advisory services to the farmers, along with solutions like traceability, procurement, etc.

b) Griffith Foods Pvt. Ltd.

ESE Agri is deployed for Griffith Foods Pvt. Ltd. for managing their agri value chain in the districts of Uttara Kannada, Chitradurga and Dharwad locations in the state of Karnataka.  Griffith works directly with a large number of chilli growing farmers across different regions in India. Griffith Foods is into production of Byadagi chilli variety in Raichur District of Karnataka.

SourceTrace’s ESE Agri helps Griffith Foods to manage the backward integration operations, right from farmer and farm registration, crop and farm Inspection, input distribution, yield calculation, harvest planning, procurement, warehouse management, farmer training and traceability.

  1. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?

ESE Agri has helped both Coffee Board and Griffith Foods to capture the data using android based mobile application. The application works offline enabling the field staff to capture the required data, even in remote locations. The project is for 4 years and it is in the first year of operations.

  1. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability

The costing is based on the number of farmers and can be scaled up from a few hundreds to a few thousands.

  1. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership.

Yes, we are on the look-out for partners for collaborative ventures.

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