Agritech Case Study Series: MeraKisan and Organic Pandit

Product Name:  MeraKisan  & Organic Pandit
Name of Organization:  MeraKisan Pvt Ltd
At the helm:  Prashanth Patil and  Mayuri Jadhav
Year of Incorporation:  Sept 2016
Website: MeraKisan Organic Pandit 
Core technology used: Block chain, Farm Tech, Traceability


1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief.

MeraKisan is an Agri Tech organization working corely in Organic food segment. We are into 100% certified organic products including Fresh fruits and vegetables and majorly into complete range of staples including Cereals, Pulses ,Millets, Dry fruits, whole and blended spices and processed food products. All the products are coming across various parts of India from Trusted sources.

We are majorly working with Organic Farmers, ICS across 7 states for procurement of organic products. We provide Market linkage support to producers and processors and complete supply chain. Our business is channelized into different modules like B2B, B2C,B2B2C,online, franchise and through our own distribution channel.

Organic Pandit is a global web platform which connects all stakeholders to search, source, trace and transact certified Organic products. This digitized agriculture platform helps in food traceability by using Block chain Technology at different stages in supply chain right from farmers to production to processing to distribution. It aims to solve food safety and traceability, global market place for organic food, farm management, ICS management, fraud management, Trade Management and    Comprehensively it captures information from trusted growers, Input, soil and crop management, pre and post harvest, logistics, test labs, warehousing to delivery. This farm to fork journey of food can be easily accessed via QR code technology which helps to build trust and transparency to consumer.

  1. Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention.

We are currently working with Farmer groups located in different states including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Gujrat. Some of the case studies are:

  1. Case Study: We have adopted  and working with  4 ICS groups from Chhattisgarh state in  Rajnandgaon, Balod and Bilaspur area. In total 1800+ farmers,700+ hectors and for 25+ products including Cereals, Pulses, basmati paddy, Spices and fresh commodities.

We are providing farmers organic Seeds, organic inputs, training, package of practices and market linkage for the products which they were selling earlier in local mandies due to lack in support and selling at low prices. MeraKisan plays key role in data digitization in terms of land holding, crops, production planning, estimation and advisory. We work in products such as Turmeric ,ginger ,garlic ,Basmati paddy basmati, maize, bajra, wheat, cowpea, urad, soyabean, lentils, fennel, horse gram ,green gram, onion ,fenugreek.etc

  1. Case Study: We work with grower groups across locations in India to procure authentic  products that builds  traceability from farm to consumer. We are associated with social enterprise in east India that works with small organic certified grower groups through seed to shelf model based on the vision for better livelihood of farmers, health and wellness of consumers with sustainable planet and provides complete traceability across its value chain. We are working for the farm produce such as black rice, red rice and govindbhog rice.

3. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?

The project started in 2015 as an Agri Tech platform to help farmers in Market linkage and thus farm prosperity and access to quality food with right pricing to end customer. We been associated by Mahindra and Mahindra and Green yard from Belgium in sept2016. Now we are subsidiary of Mahindra Agri solutions limited (MASL).

Successfully we supplied quality fresh fruits and vegetables to retailers ,exporters and food processors and some of them products  are  Mangoes, Pomegranates, Onions in huge quantity by farm gate sourcing and also signed MoU with Govt of Maharashtra. We (Mr Prashanth Patil) been awarded as Best Agri start up in India by  ICFA (Indian Council of Food and Agriculture), New Delhi in 2017.

Working with GT (Grand Thornton funded by world Bank) on Smart project to increase the livelihoods of farmers working in Organic farming.

Also we (Ms Mayuri Jadhav) been awarded as Best start up in Organic by ICFA, New Delhi in 2018. We working on sustainable production with more than 10 ICS  includes 8000+ farmers, FPOs and individual farmers in Organic and handling volumme of  400-500 tons of Pulses and other Agri produce.  Through organic Pandit  we offer  various services to the stakeholders working in organic Industries such as we are providing Farm management service enterprise module to one of Sugar Factory to manage their Organic farmers real time data and track end to end traceability which is helping them in business growth and building trust in their clients  located in different countries. We not only met our objective but also created a supporting product line which is a value addition and revenue generation.

4. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability

As the organic industry is growing, the scope of MeraKisan will play vital role in terms of market linkage from farm to fork for organic produce both domestically and internationally.

Organic Pandit digital platform can be used for all the stakeholders in farming organic industry such as farmers,  FPO, traders,  buyers, organic inputs etc to full fill the business needs.

With this we can imagine the digital scalability is huge and must needed technology for the future growth of both domestically and internationally.

5. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership.

Surely we are looking. We are looking for the potential collaboration with Organisations from Agri and Allied business and also technology providing partnerships as in IoT and AI.

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