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Agritech Solutions – Digital Platform for all Agriculture Inputs


Vision: Empower Every Farmer to Achieve more Productivity, Yield and Income.    BigHaat is founded by a team of avid entrepreneurs in the year 2015. BigHaat is India’s largest Agri Inputs Marketplace Platform providing wide choice of quality inputs to farmers at their doorstep. BigHaat is bringing accessibility of quality agricultural products and knowledge by leveraging its Technology offering for farmer empowerment.    BigHaat has adapted multichannel strategy to reach out growers across India and addressing their Agricultural Input needs. Our portfolio offering includes broad range of Seeds, Plant Protection, Plant Nutrition and Agri Implements. Our clientele includes farmers, nurseries, FPOs, NGOs and other institutional growers.    BigHaat has partnered with leading Indian and Multi-N...

Yuktix Technologies – IOT for Agriculture


Yuktix is a startup based out of Bangalore creating next generation IoT and Software based smart monitoring and advisory solutions for agriculture. Who can be benefited from Yuktix solution?Yuktix solutions can be used by (1) Farmers(2) Plantations Managers(3) Greenhouse Owners (4) Agriculture ColdStorages (5) Researchers to do (1) Extreme weather condition monitoring (2) Pest and pesticide management (3) Un-Balanced soil (4) To avoid Agro-chemical abuse (5) Asset Monitoring Yuktix solution integrates IoT devices, mobile applications and big data tools to monitor and fix the factors affecting crops. This results in (1) Improved yield and quality (2) Conserve resource Yuktix Products (1) ColdSense – Yuktix ColdSense is a next generation wireless warehouse monitoring solution.  The pro...

Intello Labs – Bringing AI to Agriculture


A simple photograph-through-mobile can change the farmer’s life…this is truly game-changing. We develop computer vision based solutions for Agriculture problems, with images as our key data to provide insightful and actionable recommendations. We have 2 products: 1) Crop Inspection This product: – Reads Image and gives parameters identifying the disease – Provides symptoms / cause of the disease – Recommends how that disease can be cured and / or prevented 2) Agricultural Products Grading The product: – Identifies grains, their count and approximate weight (using deep learning models) – Reads Image and Gives Quality parameters – Recommends the price of grain We leverage the most advanced Analytics tools and techniques –Deep Learning, Artificial Int...

farMart – On-demand machinery renting platform


Farmers’ distress is for everyone to see in India. It was always there but demonetization has accentuated it. However, to blame demonetization for everything doesn’t serve purpose. Key challenge with agriculture in India is it being non-remunerative. At one end of it is low value realization for produce and on the other hand is high cost of production. Low level of mechanization plays a key role in high cost of production and low productivity. It is no secret that agriculture mechanization rate of India is pretty low. This is despite the fact that in tractor production as well as tractors sales, India remains number one. One estimate puts the number of operational tractor at about 14 million. That puts the proportion of farming households owning tractor at 15%. However, spatial distr...

How to list your agritech venture here


Agritech Solutions is created to put the spotlight on Indian startups as well as established companies. Here you can upload a company brief as well any documents needed to explain your solution. This section will serve as a database of the most interesting Indian agritech solutions. Here are a few ideas on how the section will be promoted: Referenced by other NASSCOM teams for future events, speakerships etc Used for stories/interviews and promotions on our social channels Referenced by GTD team for Japan and China trips (mostly IOT only) The section will be sent to funders as the Indian database on agri companies Here is how you upload your company profile: Choose from Write a blogpost, Upload a file, Create a video option from Actions on the right panel Blog: If you have text, files, vid...

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