Digitizing Rural Agricultural Universities!

I had promoted iWeb with a colleague in 2005 with the idea to emulate what SAP does for the world, we wanted to be the web based SAP for India back then in 2005. We were clear on 2 things,
1 – we want to be a product company,
2 – we want to make in india & also sell in india This is our base DNA which survives and thrives even today! 13 years with a lot of sultry indian customer experience, angel funding in 2013 which made us 4 promoters and salt & pepper hair at 36 (with the extensive india travel & managing Indian customer expectations) has given us a lot of food for thought Back then in 2013 we took a call that the real fun if we want to stay, sell & thrive in India will be to focus our energies & solutions in and around Rural India as that is where the true opportunity lies in. Luck by chance we bid for a tender that time and won it, so that was our 1st case which was a pureplay rural State funded Agricultural University in Akola (Interior Maharashtra) – Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola. Very few would even know that our country has separate curriculum, board and niche Universities for Agriculture, Horticulture & Dairy farming to be precise!

5 years into this and we have learnt if not earnt a lot! and post PDKV, we did many more Agriculture, Horticulture & other Rural University digitization and end to end IUMS – Integrated University Management Systems covering rural Universities in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu to
name a few states where we actively worked.

Our mantra and idea is simple, to serve the undeserved, to automate and standardize / productize processes of those whom no one cares / looks at. When we bid for the Akola tender, it was 3r year being re-tendered due to lack of participants. So this niche was well set in our mind and we decided to propel & work hard on the same to build our
Blue Ocean around Rural Digitization of Universities & Colleges!

We have around 10 odd Universities, 1000 plus colleges and roughly 5 lac students already on our IUMS application and we are proud to say that wherever we implement we try to make it 100% cashless, digital & paperless. Some of our Universities have better processes & faster operations than the best of private Universities in India. Like PDKV
is one of the only Agricultural University in this country which publishes its results in record 15 days flat, Does the entire Recruitment online and is on fast track to become totally cashless & paperless in this year going forward! By Digitization we mean automating the academic and non academic processes of the said University involving all the stakeholders right from students to the parents acad and non acad staff and management and the government on a common workflow based Integrated Software!

And as its said in India, nothing sells until its FREE. We have even figured out a model to work for FREE with these Universities where we have stakeholders from multiple walks of life and technology who sub-vent costs to make the entire rural university digitization both possible & affordable for our cash strapped less on funds but very large government universities. Our aim is to digitize and automate them to make them competitive, lean & mean like private universities going forward under our unique FREEMIUM Model…

More details on our University Digitization platform & benefits to a university on digitizing is available here:


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