AI For Good: The Road To Safety With Netradyne

Road safety is a major concern in India and across the globe. With increasing urbanization, higher vehicular density on the roads and bumper to bumper traffic, there is a strong need for continuous observation of traffic while on the move. Technologies like ADAS by definition are designed to assist the driver in this task and traverse the journey with safety.

WHO’s Global status report on road safety 2015, reflecting information from 180 countries, indicated that worldwide the total number of road traffic deaths stood at 1.25 million per year.

With the number of accidents going up by the day it is crucial that we try to address the issue of road safety. There is significant human cost involved with India alone responsible for 135, 000 traffic related deaths every year. Positively modulating driver behaviour using ADAS technology can have a very significant and positive impact on road safety in India and across the globe.

By early 2015, Netradyne’s co-founders Avneesh Agrawal and David Julian were seeing some key technology trends coming together. Computational power was increasing exponentially, connectivity was ubiquitously available and getting cheaper by the day, and AI algorithms were maturing. They saw a strong case for IoT devices with Edge computing to be deployed for road safety. Netradyne’s aim was to address this issue with the help of AI. While there are players in the market who provide services of recording and tracking vehicular movement, Netradyne is the first in not just recording driver behaviors and driving patterns but also in providing real-time analysis and feedback to the drivers and the fleet managers. It is also the first to generate cloud sourced SLAM based dynamic HD maps through commercial fleets which is extremely cost and time efficient.

Netradyne’s product DriveriTM is a Computer Vision – Deep Learning based driver safety system. It helps in identifying and reducing unsafe driving events and also in recognizing and rewarding positive driving performance. DriveriTM is a multi-sensor, cloud connected, integrated platform and has hardware components including multiple cameras, LTE, GPS, accelerometer, gyro, and an advanced NVIDIA processor with one TFLOP compute power to aid in Edge Computing. The proprietary GreenZone score provides a safety score to each driver based on his or her signature driving patterns and ascertains the risks involved for any given trip.

The stream of visual data is fed by the four cameras to edge compute processor that provides real-time decision making for safety warnings, and uploads any unsafe situation or compliance violation videos to the cloud through 4G LTE communication channels. The videos could then be viewed on the cloud platform with additional secondary analytics on fleet and driver level safety performances. Excellent coaching modules help increase the overall fleet safety and drivers get rewarded for positive driving.

The company has received very positive responses from various industry stakeholders so far. Globally, they have received positive feedback from both drivers and fleet managers. Aside from an exponential growth in number of customers in USA, Netradyne recently partnered with Hyundai MNSOFT to provide Dynamic HD Mapping for South Korea.

In India, the company are working across segments like OEMs, ride-sharing companies and commercial and corporate fleets. Close co-ordination with customers and customization of the product to Indian needs has helped them with quick wins in a short time.

Netradyne’s Success With LeSaint Logistics

Netradyne’s proprietary scoring system combined with the power of vision to determine end causality of any mistake, and not punishing good drivers unnecessarily has been lauded well.

LeSaint Logistics has seen significant improvements in driver behavior as a result of its deployment of Driveri™, including:

  • 50 percent reduction in hard-braking alerts
  • 38 percent reduction in risky following distance
  • 45 percent reduction in seatbelt non-compliance
  • 26 percent reduction in speeding
  • 27 percent improvement in average fleet following distance

Financial – Reduced accidents help customers with reduction in lawsuits, penalty payments, loss of goods and life and vehicle downtime. Customers can also reduce their insurance premium.

Time-saving – Lessening of accidents increases vehicle uptime availability for customers. Automated alert notification for all parties concerned speeds up assistance thus saving time and money from loss of goods and life or vehicle downtime

Lowering environmental impact – Accidents especially of commercial vehicles have huge environmental impacts. Driveri device ensures a reduction in all accidents by actively coaching the drivers in real time for safe driving, thus immensely benefitting the environment.

Social benefits – During accidents there is no way to determine the exact loss of money or loss of life. With the Driveri deployed, drivers are more careful in their driving patterns. During a serious accident, drivers can also seek help as fleet managers are immediately alerted of the incident

“We view this new partnership with Netradyne as an investment in our drivers,” said Keith Warren, vice president of transportation at LeSaint Logistics. “We’ve found the vision-based Driveri™ technology platform to be an important way for us to let our drivers know we believe in them. We are able to gain visibility into when they are doing a great job based on collected data, coach them to become better drivers and work together to advance our organization, our customers, our employees and public safety. We selected Driveri™ because it provided us the greatest view of our fleet—delivering meaningful data within minutes and empowering us to recognize our drivers based on their actual driving.”

The company plans to further refine their hardware and improve algorithms. With the large amount of data being collected, detection of a variety of objects can be refined and deployed at an ever-increasing speed.

Netradyne was among the 10 winners of the AI for Good Awards, presented by NASSCOM CoE DSAI & Government of Karnataka


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