Bot’s The Way For Smart Governance

More than five decades ago, the world witnessed its first chatbot ELIZA created by Joseph Weizenbaum. The chatbot supposedly managed to dupe some users into thinking it was a human, essentially setting the foundation for chatbot structures such as keywords, specific phrases and pre-programmed responses.

Today, the chatbot market has skyrocketed. The market is projected to cross $5bn by 2023, supporting sectors such as BFSI, healthcare, IT, telecom, retail, utilities and notably, governments. Our government’s Digital India initiative has prompted a significant increase in adoption of digitization, especially in the government too.

Successful and efficient governance is when a citizen feels his voice is heard, and his queries resolved. Governing a billion citizens is no mean task, but technology can go a long way in easing this process. Floatbot is one such. The omni-channel customer engagement AI chatbot platform allows businesses to create chatbots and float across multiple platforms in a matter of minutes.

Floatbot Assisting Government Organizations and Public Utilities

For the longest time, the common myth was that chatbots are exclusive to e-commerce sites or for major corporations. Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) successfully demystified this notion by launching Floatbot on their website in December 2017. Shortly after, the Pune Municipal Corporation followed suit by implementing Floatbot on their site as well, and it provides a range of online services and citizen grievance

Recently, Floatbot launched AI Chatbot for CESC – one of India’s biggest electrical utility companies based on Kolkata/Howrah serving 2.9 million customers. They launched chatbot on their website named eBuddy, which provides assistance on monthly bill payments, payment status, change of name, complaints and requests, and even replies to customer queries. eBuddy also has Speech to Text module. Within a few days of launch, the chatbot has triggered more than 50,000 messages, answering to more than 5700 unique users and adding 500 unique users each day. The same Chatbot will be soon available on Whatsapp and Google Assistant

Floatbot is also working with a range of clients across in BFSI such as Andhra Bank, Stratton Markets and Payworld; Healthcare such as Kauvery Hospital and other enterprises like

The Technology Powering Floatbot

One can ask, why Floatbot? Here’s why their technology platforms are in demand among businesses:

NLP: Floatbot’s AI platform is powered by strong NLP capabilities, with vernacular language support, which is constantly reviewing interactions and evaluating the meanings of various queries. This extensive NLP capability is able to work with a wide spectrum of information, especially in different languages and within government bodies or state-owned entities.

Automatic Learning by AI: The AI platform automatically picks up a company’s FAQs and gets trained.

Learning from Conversations: The company is also rolling out its features in various Indian languages, and the bot continues to learn from ongoing conversations. Floatbot NLP engine is able to detect different vernacular languages including transliterated, even when trained only with English data set.

VoiceBots: India is a country of multiple languages, and a nation where people thrive on conversations. Floatbot even has a Voicebot engine integrated with Contact Center stack that caters to a section of the audience that prefers to converse vocally on phone

DIY Chatbot builder: Floatbot is a Do It Yourself platform, and requires no coding so integration is convenient and industry-agnostic. Any Chatbot or Voicebot developed in Floatbot platform integrates real time with web, mobile apps [Android, iOS], Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IVR. Floatbot offers pre-defined chatbot templates for lead generation, payment, customer experience, and customer support. Floatbot compliments and augments popular enterprise solutions such as Zendesk, Freshdesk and Salesforce.

In addition, the Floatbot platform offers real-time statistics on bot usage with sentiment analysis for the benefit of clients.

What Lies Ahead for Floatbot

The startup is shoring up its success overseas as well. Floatbot’s AI chatbot and voicebot will be used for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Malabo, Africa where 4,000+ VVIP delegates will be hosted from African countries and 65 investor countries including India.

Floatbot is part of NASSCOM Center of Excellence DSAI, Bengaluru.

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