Industry 4.0-A Primer on Startup Driven Industrial Stories

NASSCOM report highlights on the shift from legacy products to emerging technologies like IoT, EV, 3D Printing & the role of Indian startups in driving innovation on the industrial front. It also presents a probable approach to Industry 4.0 through an agile process.

Key Findings

India 4.0 – Driving shift to digital ER&D

Indian industry is already reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0 with companies experiencing a step-up in revenues attributed to technology adoption. Industry 4.0 would be driven by products and services such as electric vehicles, smart products, drones, digital twins, automation technologies

Agile Industry 4.0 – Accelerating the Digital Journey

Implementation of an agile process will make the digitalization much easier with most of the manufacturers reaching out to partners to enable finer points of technology

Emerging Technologies driving Innovation in the industrial space

The report highlights on potential use cases by Indian start-ups, giving an edge to Indian start-ups

Emergence of the Machine Economy

Manufacturers would finally focus on monetizing data through revenue-generating products and services


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