NASSCOM reccomended IoT companies travel to CEATEC, Japan

Earlier this year METI ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan) agreed to fund the travel and related costs of 10 IOT start-ups from India to participate in CEATEC, largest exhibition and trade fair for advanced electronics and IT in Japan.

We are proud to announce that 9 out 10 who got selected were part of COE-IOT connect program.

NASSCOM Center of Excellence for IoT recommeded 65 startups for this program.  In September, Japanese delegates selected 10 startups out of which 9 were nominated by  CoE IoT. CoE IoT has been conducting events and program, along with its enterprise partners, across India to identify the top IoT startups in India. CoE IoT curated almost 300+ startups to select these 65 startups and then sent them the invitation to participate in the selection process for CEATEC, Japan. The 10 selected Indian startups will get a full funded trip to Japan, along with the Exhibition Booth at CEATEC where they can display their products to potential investors/partners, enterprises and customers.

The ten companies are:

  1. Flutura Business Solutions Private Limited
  2. Linkeddots Engineering Solutions Private Limited
  4. SenseGiz
  5. Srishti ESDM Pvt Ltd
  6. Stesalit Systems Ltd
  7. TartanSense
  8. Teevr Data Pvt Ltd
  9. Yuktix Technologies
  10. Preva Systems

If you are operating in the IoT domain, see how you can connect with our Center of Excellence and remain ahead of the curve.

Update from Japan

10 IoT start-ups from our COE spent a week in Tokyo participating at largest electronics show with IoT theme in Japan. This was a huge show where exhibitors spent in excess of $6mn on their stalls alone and showcased their latest wares in – IoT domain – sensors, solutions, robots, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality stores, Wearable’s, Connected cars, etc. Seeing some of this stuff in real and toying with Robots was quite an exhilarating experience. Global media is still playing capsules from this event including BBC



This year CEATEC was promoting innovative start-ups from Israel, Vietnam and India. Pls note only Indian start-up companies got paid trip where as others had to pay for everything – travel, stalls… On 7th Oct, we did a India day of sorts with no investments and with cooperation from METI. This included presentations by Takeyari san and Nasscom’s Director for Global Trade, Gagan Sabharwal, followed by panel discussion. Thereafter our startup companies got 10 min each to present their solutions. Some presentations were really very good while some were tech heavy. In run up to this day these companies were taken to places in Tokyo and went through dedicated match-making sessions. METI was also keen that something comes out of this engagement because they were paying for it.

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