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The surge in connected devices world over has led to exploring myriad possibilities in digital transformation of businesses. It has now become possible to easily monitor, control and optimize workflows and processes through the power of IoT. Additionally, the reams of data generated from every device within a network can now be understood and decoded better with the help of analytics platforms and AI.

Several industries are already reporting billions of dollars-worth profits thanks to digital intervention methods – banking and financial services, transport, retail and manufacturing to name a few major industries. Other industries are following suit, and investing keenly in technologies to understand how their businesses can benefit.

Cold-chain logistics is one such industry sector whose assets require to be remotely tracked, monitored, operated and controlled. Additionally, it is an industry that is relatively under-served by IoT and analytics, despite having versatility in application.

This led to Puneet Jetli to start his venture SensiWise, which leverages IoT, analytics and blockchain technology to enhance visibility, assurance & efficiency of cold chain operations.

SensiWise is one of the few companies in India aiding the cold chain logistics sector with advanced technology solutions.

Building Blocks of IoT & Analytics at SensiWise

Puneet, the cofounder and CEO of Digital Transformation & Enterprise Solutions at Happiest Minds Technologies, wanted to retain his focus on digital transformation while combining his understanding of the aspirations of global enterprises from digital technologies. He discovered that it was preferred by enterprises to have ready-to-deploy SaaS solutions and products, which can be easily integrated into existing business landscape.

In order to deliver a comprehensive SaaS solution to its customers, Sensiwise has developed and pre-integrated all the building blocks of the solution – including Sensor nodes, Intelligent IoT gateway, custom components for the Cloud-based IoT platform, the application layer and the insights layer.  

Core Components Driving Analytics

Sensor Node: Modular, remotely configurable and stackable design allows for provision of up to seven different sensors on the device based on customer needs. It supports encrypted two-way communication with the gateway.

IoT Gateway: This intelligent edge device not only acts as a conduit between the assets in the field and the Cloud-based IoT platform, but also is the most critical component in facilitating remote actions on the assets.

IoT Platform & Apps: The Cloud based infrastructure comprises of several modules like WisePulsea fully functional, cross-platform, micro-services based workbench that sits on top of IoT platforms like Azure and AWS; WiseCore – native PaaS IoT & infrastructure suite of components; WiseSense – a cross-platform analytics engine with domain specific models and algorithms; WiseApps – customer facing app with real-time data visibility, KPI dashboards, and alerts

The Eyes & Ears of Cold-Chain Logistics

In cold-chain operations, it is critical for stakeholders to have visibility into the location and condition of the product at all times. Similarly, they would like to be aware of the operating condition of the assets & infrastructure involved. SensiWise aims to be the “eyes and ears” of brands and logistic companies, by providing a continuous flow of information about the goods and the assets through the entire Cold-chain journey of the products. This could be during storage at warehouse or at retail outlets, during transportation and distribution, or even during the last-mile sale and delivery to consumers.

The sensors can monitor variety of parameters like location, temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration/shock, light conditions, etc for maintaining of optimal condition of the products. This not only allows real-time data visibility, but also helps in drawing attention of stakeholders to the health of operations through KPI dashboards and event-centric alerts.

Bringing Assurance & Efficiency to Operations

Given the expanse of typical cold-chain logistics operations, it is hugely challenging to constantly monitor all parameters of the moving goods. Hence, SensiWise also provides assurance by automatically computing and sharing compliance to agreed service-level agreements (SLAs) and to standard-operating procedures (SOPs) for each customer. In addition, by integrating Blockchain technology to the IoT solution, SensiWise also provides assurance on product integrity and quality traceability for the entire cold-chain journey of the product.

SensiWise is also helping enterprises become more efficient and profitable in their cold-chain operations, by focusing on two key levers. The first involves reducing the cost of operations and improving turn-around times through better data availability and decision making. The second involves maximizing the availability and uptime of assets and their utilisation through predictive and proactive maintenance, providing alerts for timely intervention and through intelligent servicing of field assets.

For example, the company has a remote and advance diagnostics solution, specifically designed to help logistics companies and fleet operators enhance the financial and operational health of their business. By leveraging a variety of sensors, the solution collects operational, health and diagnostics-related data from the vehicle. Through application of analytics, SensiWise can help improve efficiency by providing visibility, insights and recommendations at fleet, vehicle, trip, route and driver level.

With the comprehensive ready-to-deploy solutions provided by Sensiwise, businesses are literally one step away from becoming more transparent, agile, innovative and efficient.

Sensiwise is currently incubated out of the NASSCOM Center of Excellence IoT Bangalore.

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